It seems the only time we grow, is overcoming the wear plate challenges we face. To defeat these trials, we must push outside of our own comfort zone.

A former mentor once said, “If you aren’t continuing to learn, you might as well quit or die; because you are just taking up space.” While painful to hear at times, it is close to the truth.

Or they replaced someone who had retired or changed companies, the first choice is to reorder what was used previously, unaware it failed in this application.

Everyone has more responsibilities today.
The unfortunate truth is everyone has more responsibilities in their work lives today. Simply finding time to learn something new for personal growth becomes harder every year.

As a result, p...

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Recently I spoke with a prospective customer who had many questions about testing different wear plates. I asked him, “Do you track performance of what you install?” He replied that he buys the left over scrap pieces of anything resembling wear plate. Drops are what is left after all the larger specific shapes and pieces have been cut out of a large plate. His assortment of mismatched steel pieces could be any one of a number of different steels from T-1, AR400, Manganese to re-bar or AR200.

When your wear plate supply is anything, it stands to reason your results are going to be all over the place as well. This method makes it impossible to determine what worked, because you will never have any consistency. If you stumble acr...

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Yesterday, a local middle school hosted their biennial Career Day, and JADCO Manufacturing was a part of it. Freedom Area Middle School encouraged local businesses and professionals to come in and speak to various grades regarding their careers, businesses and industries. Career Day was, overall, for grades 3rd thru 8th and was sponsored by the school's guidance department.

JADCO Manufacturing's Operations Manager, Michael Lewis, and Product Specialist, Barrett Evans, spoke on behalf of JADCO to multiple classes of sixth graders. Michael, an alum of Freedom Area District, wanted to ensure the kids there are viable alternatives to a traditional 4 year education. “I want the kids that daydream of being outside, building or overall wor...

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PRI Registrar recognizes JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. for its commitment to continual improvement in their management system

JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. announces that it has received accreditation for ISO 9001:2015.

“This accreditation shows how committed JADCO is the quality of our work and products. We are pleased at the effort behind this and will continue to do to keep quality at our forefront,” says Sam Anderson, President of JADCO Manufacturing, Inc.

JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. received accreditation for demonstrating their ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications.

“JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to world class quality management by implementing...

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Anticipation is building for the MINExpo 2016, the countdown is under a month, for this solution driven show. Every four years consumers and companies within the mining industry come from all over the world to see the new trends in mining. For three days, there will be multiple educational sessions, a hefty expo hall and special events to attend. An event not to be missed!

Educational sessions and classes will be available for attendees to learn about the changes in the market, safety regulations and various industry specific topics. One session topic that is expected to be well attended is the National Mining Association Perspective – National Issues Impacting U.S. Mining, due to the upcoming presidential election. Attendees will ...

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Transfer points are key areas within processing facilities, including Asphalt Plants, that endure high impact and abrasion challenges. In Asphalt Plants, the material comes out of the dryer at high temperatures, ready to move onto the drag slat conveyors or elevators. To help, consider giving your plant the "boot," boot plate that is. Boot plates, made from chromium carbide overlay plate, are strong additions to the operating process.

With the proper chromium carbide overlay plate for your boot plates, (see 4 Tips for Purchasing Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate), you'll see an decrease in downtime and labor costs for your change-outs. Boot plates made from CCO can take the high temperatures from the dryer, while performing longer against ...

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Consider this: As a site supervisor your day started onsite at 7:00AM. You’ve dealt with paperwork, supply issues, and now some of the equipment is down. Your maintenance manager tells you the material liners you are dealing with have worn through to the main structure of a critical piece of production equipment. You are thinking a total replacement is needed; thoughts of costs, downtime and labor are running through your head.

However, your maintenance manager explains you simply need to order better liners for the equipment, but you’d better make sure it’s made of chromium carbide overlay plate. You’ve heard of the material, but never dealt with it yourself. You know that it’s basically a mild steel plate ...

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Biomass fuels have been watched for many years now, leading to questions of environmentally friendly options, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. From these conversations, wood pellets have emerged as the fastest growing biomass option over the past 10 years. One of the key reasons is the European Commission’s 2020 climate and energy package, says the US Energy Information Administration. Their goal is to decrease overall greenhouse gas emissions, ensure energy from renewables and improve energy efficiency; each of these categories by 20%.

These objectives have increased production in the United States, to the point of making the United States the “single largest wood pellet producer in the world” according to Forbes...

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JADCO Manufacturing, a leading supplier in impact and abrasion resistant wear steel, is proud to announce three new representatives providing products for the Carolinas and the Midwest region.

“We are continually looking at how we can help our customers. By having new, accessible representatives, it helps for our customers to put a face to JADCO,” says Vice President, Scott Rife. “We have a strong sale force with an eclectic background, where each of them are able to bring value to JADCO and our customers.”

About the RepresentativesAdding to our sales team includes three new representatives, Mike Will, Jason Farmer and Michael Lewis. Mike Will is tackling North Carolina and South Carolina as a Territory Manager. P...

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Chocky blocks have immense ability to extend your equipment’s wear life. They help to patch holes, cover key points and are very quick to install. Not to mention, by being a quick fix, they are very cost effective compared to replacing whole sections on buckets, truck beds and other equipment. They are known for being used a lot in mining applications. However, what happens once the material is mined? Are there still needs for these chocky blocks that work so hard for your company in the field? Absolutely. The processing plant is filled with areas that could employ these tools.

Crushing MaterialIn Crusher applications, chocky blocks are very useful in chutes. The material slides through the chute quickly and in high volume. That co...

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