Constructing quality roads is an incredibly important task that takes a significant amount of time and preparation to execute properly. From working out designs to laying the foundation and base layers to applying the actual asphalt, there are a series of complex steps that must be given special attention or the project will not end successfully. Due to the high levels of heat and the abrasive materials that are used in the process, such as crushed rock and sand, there are many problems that arise that can be solved by using JADCO products. Some specific problems that are common during asphalt and road building projects include abrasion that occurs on drums and skis running against the road surface and abrasion to the carriage liner on the conveyors on road milling machines that is created by the material that they are grinding. JADCO has multiple products that are ideal for asphalt and road milling projects in the form of skis and carriage liners. These products are expertly designed to have the strongest resistance to wear and abrasion while also improving productivity.

JADCO Wear Solutions for Asphalt and Road Milling:

Plant Applications
  • Drag Slat
  •  Transfer Target Plates
  •  Drive Sprockets
  •  Internal Drums
  •  Flights
  •  Cold Bin Liners
  •  Screw Conveyors
  •  Chutes & Hoppers
  •  Screens
  •  Breaker Plates
  •  Boot Plates

Milling Machines
  • Drum Box Sidewall and Backwall Liners
  • Grinder Drum End Plates
  • Wipers
  • Paddles
  • Skis
  • Screw Conveyors
  • Drag Conveyors
  • Kicker Plates
  • Flights
Mobile Applications
  • Bucket Liners
  •  Bucket Replacement Bottoms
  •  Moldboards
  •  Cutting Edges
  •  Wear Pads
  •  Trencher Chain Plates
  •  Loader Buckets
  •  Concrete Pumper Hoppers
  •  Screed Plates

Protecting your equipment from abrasion with one of our carriage liners or skiis could make all the difference in your next road building job.

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