2022 Biomass Conference In Jacksonville FL

The biomass handling system of collecting, shredding and processing; all cause significant wear on your application components.

JADCO is the leading supplier to the biomass industry for long lasting wear resistant steel plate and fabrication of components.


Attending the Biomass Conference? Stop by booth 329 and meet Scott Rife, JADCO VP of Sales at North America’s largest biomass industry gathering.


Screens are made to your specification for opening shape, size and layout from JADCO QT-Plus ®.

Which biomass system items are your most challenging wear applications? We can assist you in your efforts to reduce unplanned breakdowns.

• Bark Conveyor Screen
• Bark Hammers & Rebuild Bark Hammers
• Bark Screens
• Bark Screw Conveyors
• Bark Screw Trough
• Bark Storage Feeder Bin
• Bark Transfer Chute
• Chain Conveyor Liners
• Chip Reclaim Bucket
• Chutes
• Conveyor Belt Skirts
• Elbows and Flat Back Elbows
• Elevator Buckets
• Fan Replacement Blades
• Grit Conveyor Liners
• Hog Hammer Grids & Grates
• ID Hardened Blow Line Pipes
• Infeed & Discharge Chutes
• Loader Bucket Edges
• Loader Bucket Liners/Bottoms
• Metal Trap Cones
• Pin Mixers
• Rotary Feeder/T-Injector Liners
• Screen Cages for Crushers
• Screw Conveyor Trough
• Sizing Screens
• Square to Round Transitions


BEFORE photo - the leaks from worn out AR plate wear back not only lost blow line pressure, it became an environmental nightmare. Clean up cost was $2,000 per week.


The AFTER photo with the new flat back elbow wear liner in place. If your blow line elbows are leaking, check out JADCO Chromeweld ™ Nb-Plus, specially made for fine particle and high velocity applications.

Our entire Chromeweld ™ family of CCO products are made at our headquarters in Harmony, PA, 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh.

As the leading manufacturer of CCO plate in the USA, you can depend on what you get from JADCO. Most steel distributors buy foreign CCO which has little carbide content, and even less quality control.

To make certain we control the highest quality in every aspect of our Chromeweld overlay plate, JADCO created our own clad machines.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

Now you understand why JADCO delivers better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on your results.

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We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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