2022 Coal Prep Show

Coal Prep Plants experience remarkable wear when processing Raw Coal into Clean Coal.

We are exhibiting in booth 326 at the Coal Prep Show in Lexington, KY April 26-28, 2022. Come and see how we can assist your maintenance and production schedules.

Here is a list of common Coal Prep Plant wear challenges; where our customers have achieved 2 to 4 times longer life in their applications.


Hammermill Screens, Grates & Breaker


If you are using punch plate or burned AR or Stainless Steel Screens, QT-Plus ® can typically offer 2 or more times the wear life over an AR400 Screen.

Sump Cover Screens are another application where QT-Plus ® and Duracorr have performed well compared to using commodity AR steels.

QT-Plus ® has worked very well on hammermill screen grates, frequently more than doubling the wear life of AR400, without cracking or breaking.

Duracorr 300 will out wear 304 Stainless Steel without fear of plugging.

Chromeweld 600 ™ has also worked very well on the solid hammermill breaker plates, often delivering 3 to 5 times the wear life over AR400.

All JADCO screens feature precision sizing holes and accurately located countersunk holes, unlike our competitors who cut their holes by hand.

Countersink w 5 Axis Plasma

This brief 1 minute video showing how our 5-axis plasma burn table burns countersunk holes to mount your screens and breaker plates. No more having to “fix your new parts” to get them to fit.


Compare the JADCO countersunk mounting bolt holes on the top, to the same results from a competitor’s “hand cut” mounting holes in the lower photo. Saving time means you save money on your investment in longer lasting products.

Rotary Breaker Plates are 1” thick liners are formed from QT-Plus ® to separate your Raw Coal from rock or sizing Clean Coal into correctly sized pieces.

Additional Coal Prep Wear Applications:

• Feeder Liners
• Wash Bottom Liners
• Vessel Liners
• Chutes
• Hoppers
• Bins
• Cones
• Gates
• Slurry Pipe
• Skirtboarding
• Mobile Equipment Parts/ (for
• Dozer Liners
• Front End Loader Bucket Liners
• Haul Truck Bed Liners

For over the last 40+ years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our customers.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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