3 Benefits of Chrome Carbide Hardfacing Wire


With advances in the technology that is now common in the industry, it is increasingly less common for metal equipment to weaken to the point of fractures. The growing issue for managers is equipment that sustains heavy wear. This has a couple of detrimental effects, namely critical losses of dimension that limit functionality. This damage, while less upsetting than developing a fracture, can have costly consequences and limit the efficiency of your operation.

The losses of dimension and functionality are mostly formed from abrasion by wear, corrosion, impact, chemicals, and heat. The process of hardsurfacing has been developed as a useful solution to address this common problem. Hardfacing is essentially welding wear-resistant metals to the surface of equipment that is susceptible to or has suffered from wear and abrasion. Joining can also be used to apply hardfacing wire to components.

A specialized form of hardfacing called chrome carbide hardfacing wire has a few key benefits that could provide your company with an economical solution that affords your equipment maximum protection. Here are some points to consider:

Superior Ease of Repair – The application of chromium carbide hardfacing wire can be done quickly, limiting the amount of time your equipment is in the process of repairs. It is an all-position application that allows welder to run welds upside down. This flexibility in application allows the welder to tailor each repair to the specific needs your equipment demands. The expedience of this repair maximizes the amount of time your equipment is up and running at full capacity.

Flexibility of Repair – In addition to being a simple procedure to perform, hardfacing wire has a flexibility for field repairs that is greater than alternative applications. Hardfacing can be applied to reclaim damaged equipment, or applied before damage is incurred as a preventative measure. There are certain materials that make hardfacing a better solution as a reclamation application and other materials that are better suited for hardfacing as a preventative maintenance. Understanding the nature of your equipment will guide your selection process.

Unrivaled Strength – Chromium carbide hardfacing are alloys that contain higher amounts of chromium and carbon that regular hardfacing solutions. The hard carbides that are formed in these solutions provide a stronger alloy that increases the ability of the wire to resist wear and abrasion. The increased hardness level is a key benefit that chromium carbide hardfacing provides over other alternatives.

There are millions of dollars that companies lose every year because of malfunctioning or damaged equipment. By employing the use of chromium carbide hardfacing wire, you can protect and reclaim equipment that has suffered from wear and abrasion. JADCO’S hardfacing wire, CHROMEWELD Fusion, is one of the leading hardfacing wires on the market and provides unrivaled performance. Call our team of exports to help you determine the best application for your equipment. Don’t throw time and money away by allowing your equipment to suffer from wear and abrasion. Check out JADCO’s CHROMEWELD Fusion chromium carbide hardfacing wire and protect your investment.

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