3 ways QT-PLUS stacks up above the rest

It’s no secret that wear and abrasion are a constant challenge for any materials handling engineer, maintenance manager, or assistant. Replacing worn out parts is time consuming, frustrating, and downright expensive. There’s nothing worse than downtime caused by unnecessary equipment failure.


We developed QT-PLUS wear steel with the challenges of existing reliability, downtime, and affordability in mind. We also knew that it was important for our customers to be able to order QT-PLUS in a wide variety of dimensions & thicknesses, as screen plates, or as grizzly bars. Since unveiling QT-PLUS, our customers have been unbelievably pleased with the results.

What makes QT-PLUS wear steel so special anyways? Here are the top 3 ways that QT-PLUS stacks up in the field above the competition.

1. QT-PLUS has 10 times the wear life of mild steel

By implementing QT where you need it the most, you can effectively extend the wear life of conventional mild steel ten fold. This adds up to hours of avoided downtime without breaking the bank.

2. QT-PLUS is through-hardened

QT-PLUS comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, but unlike standard 500 brinnell plate, it is always through-hardened. This allows for incredibly consistent performance. JADCO’s innovative chemistry and proprietary heat-treating process makes your wear resistance efforts more reliable and extends the wear life of your maintenance.

The best part is that through-hardness is independent of thickness, so even with the thickest plate, you know that you have a plate of consistent composition.

3. QT-PLUS is extremely workable

We wanted QT-PLUS to be exceptionally durable, but also quite ductile. The result is an extremely hard impact and abrasion resistant steel that is also cold formable with the proper equipment and material preparation.

The material toughness of QT-PLUS allows it to be rolled or formed for almost any application, and while drilling is admittedly tougher than T1 or AR400, it is easily machined using the proper methods.




Want to learn more about QT-PLUS?

Our QT-PLUS spec sheet digs into the details you need to know about our leading abrasion and impact resistant steel.