3 Ways to Boost Mining Productivity with Premium Wear Materials


Historically, most mining companies were more concerned with rapid expansion than with optimizing their productivity.

While the importance of increasing volume remains, more and more companies are seeing the value in capital investments that protect profitability against fluctuating commodity prices. The strategic impact of improving productivity can result in several benefits for companies in the mining industry.

One way to improve productivity is by outfitting your mining equipment with premium wear materials that will combat loss productivity and damage due to abrasion.

Damaged equipment leads to loss of productivity by increased downtime when the equipment is not operating, repair costs, and the cost of replacing entire units if the damage is irreversible. You spend good money on your equipment to get results, and that investment is worth protecting by making sure your equipment can withstand the strongest amounts of abrasion with which the elements will challenge them.

By committing to premium protection, your equipment will run longer and more efficiently than they ever have before.

Here are three ways premium wear materials can help you to boost mining productivity in your company:

Truck Bed Liners

Truck bed liners are one piece of equipment that is often forgotten about, but faces a lot of punishment from abrasive materials. Fighting wear in dump truck beds is a constant battle. As an important tool for the transportation of materials, truck beds pose a delicate dilemma.

On the one hand, too little protection in your liner shortens the maintenance cycle and increases downtime. On the other hand, too much protection using traditional abrasion resistant (AR) plates can take up precious weight in the bed.

Using a chrome carbide plate, you can implement a 600 brinnell steel plate without adding unnecessary extra weight to the truck bed. The result is a higher payload with an extended maintenance cycle.

Wear Block Protection

The second way to improve productivity is to implement sacrificial components to protect critical components and increase uptime. The most damage comes from blunt contact with buckets and shovels.

Be on the lookout for blocks, buttons, and donuts that will absorb the brunt of the abrasion faced by buckets and shovels. By using these items, simple and preventable fixes can be accomplished directly in the field. This will help lengthen your maintenance cycles and improve the valuable life of your equipment.

Screen Plates

The most common traditional wire screens have become increasingly inefficient. For better results, upgrade to precision-cut steel screens. Some of the JADCO models that fit this description would be the through-hardened plate QT-PLUS and our hard-faced AR plate CHROMEWELD 600.

These plates offer increased precision performance while also minimizing warping.

The extended wear life of an AR plate is far superior to the traditional wire screens due to its chemistry and microstructure. Replacing your screen plates is a simple and easy solution that will save your company money in the long-run and help you produce at an optimal capacity.

By investing in premium wear materials in these three aspects of your mining operation you will immediately start to see improvement in productivity, and protect your equipment against wear and abrasion over the long run.