3 Ways to Give Back this Thanksgiving and Beyond

As hard as it is to believe, the holidays are already upon us.

Today in the United States, we kick it off with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all of the fixin’s that we have each year. At JADCO, we want to stop and reflect upon that which we are most grateful. From our close-knit family atmosphere, which allows us to know and appreciate our employees, to our wonderful vendors who keep us supplied and assist us all year long; and we are so grateful for the wonderful customers who put their trust in CHROMEWELD, QT-PLUS, and HARDGUARD to solve their most challenging wear steel applications.

Along with reflecting on what we are thankful for at JADCO, we also wanted to brainstorm and publish several key ways to give back this holiday season.

Here are our three ways to get involved this holiday season:

Donate: Food, Clothing, Furniture

Many of us have way too much these days — and we know it! We often let these items we let go to waste; whether it’s over-buying our weekly groceries or holding onto too many clothes that have not been worn in months or years.

When possible, it’s important to seek out organizations that accept items like the one you no longer need. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are two big organizations that take a wide variety of items, but there are also smaller organizations with specific purposes like helping single parents by giving them second-hand furniture.

Money is also always helpful and is sometimes preferred by the organization. Monetary donations allow nonprofit organizations to purchase the items that are needed the most. Before donating, it’s important that you do your research and make sure that you are not contributing to a scammer instead of those in need.

Participate: 5ks, Marathons, Bike-a-thon

Throughout the year community organizations host events to support causes like cancer research, literacy or animal protection. Often times these are physical races of some kind, like 5k’s, marathons, and bike-a-thons. This is a great way to intensify your workout, pursue personal wellness, and in some cases, to try something new. By simply participating you can assist in raising money for a worthy cause while preemptively attacking that holiday weight!

If you’re participating in a local turkey trot, just be sure to do it before digging into that turkey!

Volunteer Your Time

You’ll rarely hear an organization complain that they have too many volunteers. Food banks need regular volunteers monthly to keep on top of the sorting and distribution of donations. If you love dog walking, the local Humane Society can always use a hand.

If you can’t contribute with physical labor, it’s okay! Local nursing homes love to have visitors for their patients who have no local family. Many organizations rely on their volunteers to help by making phone calls to patrons.

Your Turn.

This season, it’s important to remember everything for which you are thankful. Just think of how much you are able to help others by simple acts. Remember, there are plenty of ways you can donate that won’t require you to reach into your pocket. Here’s to a great start and a blessed holiday season!