3 Ways to use Chocky Bars to Reduce TBM Wear


Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) take a lot of wear and tear on the job. Rocks, soil, and other debris work their way into the nooks and crannies of these high-powered drilling machines. Unlike the past, where machines were consistently breaking down far too easily, now there are a few different ways to fortify TBMs to increase their “life” and effectiveness.

Here are three ways to use chocky bars to help reduce the wear and tear on your TBM.

Put a chocky bar on the muckbuckets.

Fortifying the muckbuckets with chocky bars will add stability and an additional protective layer against the damaging effects of soil, rocks, and other earthly remnants. These fortified steel bars can be customized to fit any size muckbuckets – ensuring the perfect level of protection every time.

Chocky bars can be used to protect the edges of gathering buckets.

Protecting the edges of gathering buckets will help to reduce cracking and other damaging effects. Did you know that protecting the edges of gathering buckets can also reduce your upkeep and maintenance costs? Extending the life of your TBMs helps to eliminate the need for replacement parts.

TBMs may work below ground, but we want to keep your money above ground, by eliminating the need for replacement parts.

Chocky bars can also be used on the face of a Tunnel Boring Machine.

Chocky bars are made of abrasion resistant steel, which helps them to prolong the capabilities of TBMs. When you fortify a TBM with the addition of chocky bars, you are also implementing cost-saving mechanisms.

For example, how long does it take to change a component on a TBM? No matter the timeline the negative end result is still the same. The time spent changing a component means less time spent working, which as we all know, means money lost.

No matter the industry, time is our greatest asset. The simple step of adding abrasion resistant, durability ensured, steel chocky bars to your Tunnel Boring Machines can help to save you both time and money.