5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for the Industrial Professional

It has only taken a few short years for our world to be completely changed by one little three-letter word—“App.”

Through the abilities of smart phones and other mobile devices, apps have given the common man access to millions of games, tools, and gadgets simply with the flick of a finger. This is true of leisure and work settings alike. Even in the industrial world a few dollars of purchased data can replace hundreds of dollars worth of machines, books, and various tools. Apps have begun to blur the color spectrum between the blue-collar and white-collar worlds and are now a must have for any businessman.
Here are five simple iPhone apps for the industrial professional that will make the load of any industrial worker much lighter; plus these are apps that we use every day.

1) My Measures & Dimensions

App Store Price: $2.99
This app is perfect for anyone who either has a tendency to forget things, or simply needs to track numbers. It allows its user to quickly add measurements and dimensions to pictures that are taken by the user. Arrows, angles, and text can all be inserted with both metric and imperial units.

At JADCO, we use this app on a regular basis to give us a visual and accurate representation of what we’ll be fitting or fabricating.

Photos are instantly organized into different folders which are easily sharable. These folders are also able to be backed up or restored in a pinch.

Unlike other similar apps, “My Measures & Dimensions” supports fractions in all units and is available in multiple languages.

2) Metal Weight

App Store Price: $1.99
Metal Weight offers a fast and easy calculator for which to…well…weigh metal. In any situation where a scale is not handy or practical, this app can come to the rescue.

By simply entering the dimensions and overall shape into the calculator, the weight of the given object can be quickly calculated. The different shapes can also be manipulated so as to create more custom designs for irregularly shaped object.

Metal Weight has received excellent reviews among Apple users.

3) Jibbigo Spanish English Speech Translator

App Store Price: $4.99
In today’s business world, it can be very common to run into a language barrier .

The Jibbigo app is a speech to speech audio translator for Spanish and English. All you have to do is talk and the app will translate for you.somewhere—especially in industrial sales. Products like steel are universal to every market and every language.

The biggest plus of Jibbigo compared to other apps, such as Google Translator, is that it is the only speech translator that works without a network connection. No matter where your business meeting or sale may be happening, Jibbigo will be there to assist.

4) CamScanner+

App Store Price: $4.99
CamScanner+ essentially turns your iPhone into your own portable scanner. It can scan multi-page documents, edit and enhance images, and even share them.
This is all possible by the apps ability to instantly turn image files into PDFs. This allows the app to recognize and search text within images.

All of the data files created in CamScanner+ can instantly be uploaded to cloud storage sites or shared via email. For an additional fee, these images can even be AirPrinted or faxed.

5) Business Card Reader

App Store Price: $3.99
This app is great for quick data entry. By simply gathering an image of a business card, the Business Card Reader app can automatically create a contact profile and sort the information accurately.
This app also partners well with existing contact information and networks such as LinkedIn.This cuts down on the need to keep track of every business card you receive and also saves time and professionalism in the workplace.

More time can be spent face to face instead of buried in your phone.