5 Ways QT-PLUS Screens are Worth the Investment

QT-PLUS has taken industries by storm, offering unrivaled protection for everything from mixer paddles to truck bed liners. QT-PLUS is a through hardened heat alloy steel designed specifically to combat impact and abrasion. These qualities make QT-PLUS an invaluable asset in steel screen applications. The implementation of QT-PLUS screens brings drastic changes to work sites.

Here are 5 ways that QT-PLUS Screens are worth the investment:

Custom Made

We manufacture QT-PLUS screens in-house using HD Plasma. Each screen is manufactured to order according to specific application requirements, and it is done with incredible precision. Our team will work with you to design a screen that fits your exact needs. Contact our sales team to learn more.

Excellent Wear Life

QT-PLUS was designed to provide the best impact and abrasion resistance in the world, and the same applies to our QT-PLUS screens. The QT-PLUS material has the wear properties to greatly outlast any carbon steel punch plate or steel cloth.

Extended wear life is a constant need for any operation, use QT-PLUS screens to lessen the burden of equipment downtime.

Increased Productivity

With higher wear resistance comes less downtime and fewer change-outs. Keep equipment running at full capacity for longer and boost overall productivity. This will keep the maintenance manager sane, and make the operation more profitable.

Ease of Maintenance

Traditional wire cloth requires re-tensioning due to stretching over time. QT-PLUS eliminates this need altogether. Maintenance is eased by the lack of up-keep required by QT-PLUS Screens, and the time saved can be used to implement preventative maintenance, improve current systems, and boost productivity.

Screening Efficiency

Maintenance is not the only department that sees efficiency as the result of QT-PLUS Screen plates. Due to the structural integrity of QT-PLUS plate, holes can be placed closer together for higher material volume and increased screening efficiency. The result is a more efficient and profitable operation, capable of processing more material in less time.

QT-PLUS screens are a great way to reduce equipment downtime and boost productivity. Since no re-tensioning is required, maintenance managers can spend more time caring for other equipment and less time on mundane tasks.

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