50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing

The news this past weekend was all about remembering the 1969 moon landing. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made history by landing on the moon.

I can recall watching the coverage live while in middle school. No one spoke. We were all transfixed by what was happening right before our eyes. If you were alive on July 20, 1969; you remember where you were when that happened.

It was an astonishing accomplishment back then, and it still is today.

With less technology than any one of our smartphones today, over 10,000 people working together on a common goal were able to land men on the moon and bring them home safely.

It all started with a challenge by President Kennedy in his famous speech in 1962 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas, inspiring America to dream big. The announcement to send men to the moon energized NASA with a seemingly impossible task and time frame.

Remember, NASA didn’t even have an astronaut circle the earth until February, 1962, and here President Kennedy was committing to landing a man on the moon before 1970. It was an outrageous statement that pulled everyone together to make it happen and we know how that story ended.

NASA didn’t take baby steps to go to the moon; they made giant leaps in technology of every type to make it occur. The very best and brightest combined talents to achieve a common goal, with the entire country behind them.

What does the moon landing have to do with wear resistant steel?

Since you have been using AR steel in your wear applications, you have likely tried one or more variations and found they all delivered about the same life span.

With JADCO’s QT Plus ® and Chromeweld 600 ® family of carbide clad plates, your most perplexing wear application life cycles can be dramatically improved.

Just like the moon landing project, our steel is made right here in the U.S.A. While it might not be rocket science, it absolutely is fine-tuned metallurgy. Like the moon landing, to get wear plate perfect; you must have precise control over absolutely every individual part and process.

It is interesting to note that even today every steel company chooses between the exact same chemical elements to make their wear plate.

The difference between wear plate that can withstand impact in sub-zero temperatures, or will crack in the same application is very tiny. It may come down to one steel having just 3-ten thousandths (0.003%) of one percent more of a specific element, than another steel contains. The difference is that dramatic, and that critical.

This is why JADCO takes the time, and invests in only the best materials and elements to make JADCO steel.

Where most other wear steel companies test their hardness just one time in 100 tons of steel produced; JADCO demands the steel mill test the hardness ON EVERY SINGLE PLATE of QT Plus ® they make for JADCO.

We trust them to do their jobs to the best of their ability. We will never take the chance of providing you with impact resistant and abrasion resistant steel that doesn’t perform up to our stringent expectations.

Does It Work Better Than What You Use Now?

Our customers frequently report achieving three and four times more life than what they had been getting from the AR400 steel they previously used.


If your steel looks like this, we can guarantee it is not hard all the way through.

This steel failed in application just weeks after it was installed. It was only hard on the outside surfaces. When they wore through that thin hard outer surface, the center was nearly as soft as mild steel. That soft middle wears away quickly, leaving you to scratch your head wondering what happened.

The Choice Is Yours

Will you take One Giant Leap For Your Company? Or will you continue to struggle because you insist on using average wear plate trying to get only average results?

NASA’s investment in years of planning and testing were what landed Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon. It certainly was not a knee-jerk reaction or implementing ‘slap a patch on it’ thinking. There was too much at stake, and too much to lose.

Strategic thinking and planning to use the correct materials in the right applications will win your battle over equipment wear and eliminate unplanned breakdowns.

Isn’t it time to conserve your limited budget by inviting a JADCO sales professional to review your current plan before it is too late?

When we review what you are doing, what you have tried and how it worked previously; we can help you achieve real improvement results in your process.

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We look forward to helping you eliminate your wear related challenges.