7 Ways to Maximize Your Safety Committee Meetings

For wear steel manufacturers and other industrial professionals alike, safety is of the greatest importance.

But it’s easy for safety initiatives to become something of a broken record — they can even come to bore some of your most dedicated team members.

Don’t bore your team to death. Here are 7 ways to spice up your safety committee meetings:

1. Bring treats

There’s no need to bake personally for every meeting, but it’s a great idea to make sure that something is made available for everyone to munch on. Whether it’s brownies, donuts, or even some fresh fruit, your attendees are sure to appreciate the gesture (and they’ll be even more excited to attend the next meeting)!

2. Keep it concise

Your safety team will be much more likely to respect your time if you respect theirs first. At JADCO, we keep all safety committee meetings at 45 minutes or less, and estimate the duration up-front. This way we can make sure our team is back in the office and the plant helping to create the best steel in the world, safely.

3. Make it interactive

Keep your team engaged with activities that are relevant to safety initiatives on your work site. Engage attendees with thought provoking or fun activities that not only break the ice, but also get them thinking and talking about ways to change or improve safety procedures. Here’s a great example of an interactive online tool that can break the ice and get people talking.

4. Be productive

Do your best to get to the heart of any issues that may exist, all while gaining insights and feedback from your committee members. Listen carefully, do not make any assumptions, and do your best to address each concern individually. It’s also important to review points that were raised at the previous meeting to ensure that action items and concerns have been properly addressed.

5. Gather every perspective

When meeting, be sure to invite individuals from different departments to give unique perspectives about important safety issues. At JADCO, our overlay plate team may have different concerns than our CNC or brake press team.

6. Create monthly initiatives

A great way to keep team members engaged in the plant is to implement monthly initiatives. Whether it’s a specific safety topic or a specific inspection area, it will help to improve focus on safety and overall awareness.

7. Be organized

Ultimately, these meetings are only useful if they create actionable objectives in an organized manner. Make sure that minutes are taken and action items are assigned. Set detailed timelines for implementation of new policies and procedures.


F Delventhal via Compfight