Are You A Wear Plate Gambler?

Far too many people choose to gamble with inexpensive wear plate in their production wear resistant steel applications.

Have you worked with someone who will frequently gamble on something they see as a solution, gleefully describing it as a ‘Better But Cheaper’ option?


Why call it gambling? When other people look at what they are attempting; you can see it simply will not work. Yet they continue full speed ahead beyond all rational thought, hoping it all works out when they replace their worn out equipment.

Yet every time it ends up costing you far more time and destroys your ever shrinking budget to once again fix their doomed attempts at a ‘deal’. You can never recover the lost production time to yet again replace the bargain-bin-deal, than if they would have used the correct components initially.


This diverter chute was never installed because the fused alloy plate from China self-destructed before it arrived at the customer. Now they had to buy the correct material and have it remade when they were already out of time. Promises of ‘2 to 1 longer life compared to welded wear plate’ at a cheaper price sounds great until this disaster arrived. Interestingly their website claims: ‘Due to the 100% metallurgical fusion bonding, there is no under bead cracking.’ Time to rethink that strategy.

Out of ten potential options, two or three will work no better or worse than what you have already been using. Seven fail to meet even minimal performance goals. Perhaps one will deliver home run results.

When considering other wear resistant steel options you must ask yourself the following questions. And you must be certain to answer them honestly:

• Will it cost you more money to figure out which option will provide you the best Return On Investment ?
• Are you gambling intelligently?
• Are you gambling strategically?
• Are You Getting The Results You Paid For?

Plenty of people spend their entire working lives playing a game that was never designed for them to win.

The people who are continually frustrated by premature failure with their wear plate applications, have lots of company.

Even your industry leaders were frustrated until they found the formula to turn around their wear resistant steel issues.

Our entire Chromeweld family of CCO steel products is made at our headquarters in Harmony, PA, 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh.


As the leading manufacturer of CCO plate in the USA, you can depend on JADCO wear resistant steel products. Many steel distributors buy foreign CCO with little carbide content and far less quality control.

To make certain we control every aspect our Chromeweld overlay plate, JADCO has created our own clad machines. Every CCO plate we sell is made at our facility just North of Pittsburgh, PA.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.
Now you understand why JADCO delivers better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on your results.

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