Are You Operating By What is Reasonable or What is Possible?

Are your wear plate application selections determined by what is reasonable, or what is POSSIBLE?


QT Plus ® delivers 3 to 5 times LONGER LIFE than most commodity AR400 or AR500 steel.

At JADCO we recognize most people only think about their wear resistant steel when it fails.

Most people live each day by accepting what is reasonable. This mindset keeps them where they are:
• They accept reasonable life from AR400. If they recently discovered AR400 it may seem like an improvement from what they had used.
• Perhaps they are satisfied with reasonable success. Or what someone else told you about you must accept as “This is what we have always done before. And these are the results we always get.”
• Many people feel comfortable to keep using the safe choice because they don’t have to confront or explain what the benefit is to make a change.

But why do others settle for reasonable?

Actually there are no rules for what materials to use in wear applications.

And the rules you think are in place, are actually just stories repeated by others, year after year.

JADCO customers have crossed the invisible line from reasonable life to ‘Why Did We Wait So Long To Try This?”

And once they experience the performance difference delivered by JADCO products for themselves, they never go back.

When you have sampled what we can deliver; what was once reasonable is no longer acceptable. Period.

Here is an example you can relate.

For a moment think about the vehicle you had when you started driving. Compared to your current ride it was likely:
• Uncomfortable
• Depending where you live lacked either air conditioning or an adequate heater
• Rode rough
• At best it got crappy mileage
• Frequently needed repairs
• Left rust spots on the driveway after it rained

You wouldn’t consider trading it for your current transportation.

People often can't see what is possible, because they are so used to reasonable standing in their way.

I have to point out positive results from other JADCO customers to offer them a different frame of reference.

Remember; it takes the same amount of time for you to install under-performing wear steel as it does to install the correct material for longer life.


As a leading manufacturer of Chrome Carbide Overlay wear plate, JADCO has the greatest variety of high performance CCO available. And they are all MADE IN THE USA - at our Harmony, PA facility.

Having the ability to create wear resistant steel having the same hardness through the thickness of the steel requires precise chemistry control and careful heat treating.

When you have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customer for the last 40 years; you understand why JADCO’s QT Plus ® is able to deliver greater performance in your applications than what you have been using previously.

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Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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