Are You Planning A Maintenance Outage?

Thankfully manufacturing is spooling back up after the pandemic lock down. Now everyone who delayed making needed repairs on their equipment over the last 15 months wants to play catch up.

Working with JADCO up front assures you will receive the correct replacement parts, so they arrive on time and within your budget.


A few months ago I received a phone call from a young engineer. His first question was: How soon can we get a specific component rebuilt?

A true vendor partner will immediately begin asking additional questions, instead of trying to figure out if there is room to cram this into the production schedule.

A far better approach is to start asking questions about the installation and see how we can help make it the best it can be for their application.

Uncovering answers we find they don’t have a spare, so they wanted to remove it just ahead of their 2 week outage, ship it to us, we strip it down and rebuild it with new Chromeweld 600 wear plates, and ship it back in time to install it for the projected start-up.

And at this point they can’t verify the current condition of the existing components. But here are a couple photos from the last inspection six months ago.

Oh, and how much will this cost?

Their file drawings showed one style of wear plates. But they don’t match the configuration shown in the photos.

Here Is The Dilemma, To Do The Best For The Customer; Do We:

• Quote what exactly what is shown on the drawing or what we see in the photos?
• Are you certain which version you are requesting? Which version is most effective?
• Or do we quote the same materials listed on the drawing?
• Or do you want the best performance and longest life? Frequently the price difference between the two is less than 30%.

To the purchasing manager, a 30% cost difference may eliminate the better performing option from consideration due to the higher price.

The reliability engineer is searching for the longest lasting, most cost effective solution for this unique application.

The maintenance department is expecting to install it and not think about it for years if possible. They have plenty to do without another disappointing result that was sold as “It is just as good but cheaper”, bargain part.

Rather than instantly blurt out an answer to your initial question on cost or speed, we gather all the information and variables. Then compare that information with historical performance data and determine what is the best solution for your application.

Over the 40+ years working as a valued resource to the engineering, maintenance and repair professionals in heavy industry; JADCO has been involved in many projects which started out in this manner.

We take pride in meeting your critical schedules involved with shutdown projects.

We understand how essential it is to meet your delivery needs when you have outside contractors standing by to install your equipment.

The purpose of our Wear Plate Wednesday blog post is to help you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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