Are You Ruining Your Wear Plate?

What Not To Do To Impact and Abrasion Resistant Steel

Your good intentions can transform quality wear plate into low cost mild steel, without understanding you made a mistake. There are times when trying to save a little money results in destroying thousands of dollars of equipment, and lost production time you can never recover.

Through hardened wear resistant steel has strict temperature limits that must not be exceeded. When you heat AR400 or AR500 type wear plates over 400°F, it quickly loses the hardness you had invested.

Creating a screen using a hand held oxy-fuel torch will anneal the plate, ruining your hardness investment.

Here is a perfect example of what not to do when making a sizing screen.

Using an oxy/fuel torch attempting to make a rock crushing screen by hand, has fully annealed this plate.

The remaining webs between the torch cut holes have been completely overheated during the torch cutting process. Slow cooling has left them as soft as mild steel.

If You Are In Road Construction, This Resulted In The Most Expensive Steel You Could Buy

The idea was to save a few dollars. Unfortunately, the result was a plate that will wear rapidly, and cannot accurately size the rocks to their customer’s specifications. All are critical for every road construction project.
This method will result in the screen completely failing within a month. Then it will need to be replaced again, and fast. Unplanned downtime makes everything come to a screeching halt.

Here Is What You Didn’t Save

• Now you have to buy additional wear resistant steel to replace the failed plate.
• People are sitting around while this gets changed. This adds up fast when equipment grinds to a stop. If the screen is not running, stockpiles go down fast.
• Late deliveries result in loss of performance bonuses for on time project completion. On top of that, unhappy customers and late completion penalties punish the bottom line. Let’s not forget possible delayed payments from the general contractor.
• Overtime labor adds up when you are rushing to get everything operating within specs again.

What Should You Be Doing Instead?

First – save time and keep the hardness you need by investing in quality replacement screen plates.
JADCO’s QT-PLUS ® is an ideal wear plate to utilize for punch plate and scalping screens.
QT-PLUS ® has the same hardness completely through the thickness of the plate.
QT-PLUS ® can be sized to fit your specific needs, including the ability to customize your screen into specialized profiles and shapes.
• You can effectively form, machine and weld QT-PLUS ® using the correct procedures and proper welding alloys.
• Progressive wear with this through hardened plate means you can monitor and schedule when you need to replace the component, rather than have an unplanned breakdown.

Preserve Screen Life by Plasma Cutting Underwater

Check this VIDEO!

See how JADCO’s recent 5-axis plasma torch cuts underwater to add countersinks for your bolt holes in any steel wear, even Carbide Overlay Plate. Notice how fast and precise this is compared to using a drill and counter sinking or carbon-arc gouging. The location is exactly where it needs to be for easy installation.

You can also use a water jet, which does a good job and does not overheat the steel. However, it is slower and more expensive.

Contact JADCO today to have a trained applications specialist assist you in controlling your most challenging wear application.