Asphalt Mobile Equipment Wear Plate Applications

This week on Wear Plate Wednesday, we unveiled JADCO’s Quick Ship Program for Incline Wear Plates.

This week we continue our Asphalt Industry focus, covering the mobile equipment applications.


JADCO’s Chromeweld CCO products have been selected by many OEMs for their original equipment wear plates.


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Here is a quick list of different wear parts on your Mobile Asphalt Wear Plate Applications:

o Chute Liners
o Door Liner
o Dozer Blade Liners
o Floor Plates
o Haul Truck Bed Liners
o Heel Bands
o Hopper Liners
o Side Walls
o Surge Bins
o Wear Bars
o Wear Plates


Chromeweld 600 is used in this MTV floor plate liner, to control the wear in this high abrasion application.


Chromeweld 600 is the perfect choice for the bottom drag floor liners in paving machines. This non-stop abrasive wear application is a challenge for every manufacturer.


As discussed in last week’s post, the JADCO Chromeweld family of products weld bead to bead tie in is accomplished by our specialized welding controls.

Asphalt Milling Machine Applications:


Are Your Back Walls Currently Patches Over Patches? Fix It With The Correct Material And Save Downtime.

Select Chromeweld Ti for handling the impact and abrasion from concrete chips when milling road surfaces.


Side Walls – Use Chromeweld 600 plates for the high abrasion between the drum end plate and sidewall.

Grinder Drum End Plates – Use QT Plus ® for the end plates where materials build up between the drum end plate and the side walls.

Wipers – small rectangle pads of Chromeweld 600 are located by the carbide point to move the loose material out of the way. Some of the wipers (or paddles) are made of 1” Chromeweld 600 to prevent excessive wear on the carbide teeth.

Paving Machine Skis


Paving Machine Skis – made from Chromeweld 600 will out wear the AR400 or competitor’s clad plate by a substantial margin.

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