Back to School: Career Day

Yesterday, a local middle school hosted their biennial Career Day, and JADCO Manufacturing was a part of it. Freedom Area Middle School encouraged local businesses and professionals to come in and speak to various grades regarding their careers, businesses and industries. Career Day was, overall, for grades 3rd thru 8th and was sponsored by the school's guidance department.

JADCO Manufacturing's Operations Manager, Michael Lewis, and Product Specialist, Barrett Evans, spoke on behalf of JADCO to multiple classes of sixth graders. Michael, an alum of Freedom Area District, wanted to ensure the kids there are viable alternatives to a traditional 4 year education. “I want the kids that daydream of being outside, building or overall working with their hands, to know there are opportunities for them too,” Michael expressed.

The teachers requested that as much be applied to what the kids are currently learning as possible. Beyond an introduction to the services JADCO provides and the industries we serve, Michael and Barrett explained the math formulas required with determining how much material was needed for projects and forming products. Along with that, Barrett spoke regarding chemistry required for research and development projects, along with simple basics of etiquette of English when communicating in emails.

Along with teaching and having the students practice the steel weight calculation, Michael and Barrett had the kids perform a steel hardness test.

temp-post-imageJADCO's Barrett Evans, left, and Michael Lewis, right, talking to sixth graders on Career Day at a local middle school.

It was a great experience for all involved. Michael and Barrett were very pleased with how interactive the kids were and accommodating the school was. JADCO Manufacturing was the only fabrication or manufacturing company in attendance, but overall felt we were well received by both staff and students.

JADCO Manufacturing looks forward to the opportunity to attend again and represent the local manufacturing industry.