Better Wear Blocks Save Time & Money


One of the fundamental tasks of any company is to buy reliable equipment. You make large investments on your equipment so it is imperative that it is protected from wear and abrasion.

Wear blocks, also known as choky bars or wear bars, are a trusted component that can greatly increase the life span of your equipment while minimizing downtime and maintenance. Here are three specific ways wear blocks can provide an improvement to your company’s application and save you valuable time and money.

Prevent Downtime

A key to any equipment’s efficiency is durability. Wear blocks create a sacrificial surface that sustains the brunt of impact and abrasion. By creating an additional level of material to absorb damage, wear blocks shield the equipment itself from taking unnecessary damage.

Wear blocks are also constructed with superior hardness than typical abrasion-resistant blocks which gives them increased endurance and better reliability. By outfitting your equipment with wear blocks you can greatly increase the amount of time between maintenance cycles while being confident that your core components are receiving high quality protection.

Easy Maintenance Procedure

Not only are wear blocks a great solution for a wide variety of applications, they can be implemented very quickly with minimum hassle. After selecting a wear block it is only a matter of welding it onto your application. This process is accomplished quickly and simply allowing you to keep your operation running and profitable with minimal downtime.

When the wear block has sustained enough damage that it is spent, it is merely a matter of cutting off the spent block and welding on a new one in its place. Replacing a wear block is cheaper and quicker than replacing crucial equipment components.


JADCO offers a full product line of wear blocks and is also able to create custom designs for a variety of applications. All wear blocks are stringently tested to ensure that you receive a high quality product that is going to increase your operation’s profitability. With all the advantages wear blocks provide right now is the time to act.

Whether your operation is fit for a standard wear block or if you have circumstances that call for a custom-designed piece, JADCO can provide you with the right wear block to save you time and money.

Wear blocks are quickly installed, protect your core components, increase your equipment’s efficiency, and are easily customizable. They absorb the damaging effects of wear and abrasion while increasing the time between maintenance cycles. By ordering a JADCO wear block today, you can find the savings your company has been looking for.

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