Can You Identify If You Have A Wear Plate Problem?

It is amazing what people accept as ‘Standard Performance’ from their wear resistant steel in their production equipment. They become very good at changing failed wear plates after yet another breakdown.

First time customers are often amazed at the additional life JADCO QT Plus ® through hardened steel delivers compared to what they have accepted for many years. Many times I’ve heard them they say, “We always just assumed this was how often we had to replace the wear plates.”

A Real World Example
When talking to a large aggregate producer, he said they did not have many wear plate problems. This came as a surprise to me, since two other competitors within 5 miles of his location were constantly wearing out wear resistant steel in less than a year. Since they all work with the same type of rock, I was certain he had problems, but didn’t recognize it as a problem.


This is the application where they didn't get 4 months life from AR400. They are now getting more than 3 years from our through hardened QT Plus ®.

Using Harry Potter’s ‘Wear Plate Magic Wand’
I said, “Pretend for a moment we can give you a Magic Wand that has the ability to eliminate A SINGLE wear plate challenge in all of your equipment.”

“Think carefully before you answer, as you only get one installation. Which location is difficult to access, or takes a lot of time to disassemble the equipment, resulting in a lot of downtime.”

He closed his eyes and you could see him mentally scanning the entire plant in his mind, searching for the worst wear plate application. Suddenly his eyes snapped open, eyebrows shot up and walked a couple of quick steps and pointed out the window.

“Right there!” he said, pointing to the peak of multiple conveyors 50 feet in the air. “The Diverter Gate at the top is a pain in the butt to get to, way up in the air. We have to rent a crane to lift the steel over top of all the equipment. It is expensive and production is shut down for a full day every time it needs to get changed.

I asked, “How long does it last between replacements?” I was thinking it was probably every 2 to 3 years.

His answer shocked me: “About three months.”

Even though he knew the answer; the realization of how often it was actually replaced stunned him.

They were so busy trying to keep everything running; he had not considered how great of an impact this single application had on his overall production.

“So if you were able to get a slightly more expensive wear plate, which would allow you to get a full production year in that installation; you would be interested?”


Their JADCO QT Plus ® Diverter Gate has now been in service three full years, and is still going strong.
Because downtime on the Diverter Gate has dropped significantly, they are operating at record production levels.

Their savings from not having to shut down and replace a problem application four times per year have allowed them to focus on improving their next challenging wear locations. One at a time, they are streamlining their equipment and eliminating wear related issues.

He realized his problem was how he was thinking of this wear challenge.

They had accepted the fact that nothing would change the three to four months of life they were experiencing from any wear steel, before it had to be replaced. They accepted their continual struggle.

They Accepted Poor Wear Plate Performance As ‘Standard Operating Procedure’

Previously they hadn’t found anyone to ask the clarifying questions. Partnering with JADCO, together we can help evaluate what is possible, instead of accepting their self-imposed limitations.

JADCO wear materials have made a dramatic improvement in their process and equipment performance.

This highlights the difference between a partner and just another supplier.

Where Will You Point Your Magic Wand?

Allow JADCO to help you achieve this level of wear plate performance in your equipment.

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When we review what you are doing, the materials you have tried previously and how it worked previously; we can help you achieve real improvement results in your processes.

Together we can assist you to get better results, and help you manage your most frustrating wear related challenges.

The only thing you have to lose working with JADCO, are your wear related headaches.

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