Can You Use Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate In Impact Applications?

Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plate was introduced more than three decades ago, yet many people still do not understand where to use it correctly.

Nearly all wear is a combination of sliding abrasion and impact.

Using standard CCO may be great for high stress abrasion, but in an impact application you are asking for trouble.


Some of the CCO remaining from a chute that failed due to excessive impact. When your investment sits in a metal recycling dumpster you lost money. This is the result when impact destroys regular Chrome Carbide Overlay plate designed strictly for abrasion.

Most often this occurs when the vendor has only one type of CCO plate, and they push it for every application regardless if it works for the customer or not.

How Much Impact Will Various Chrome Carbide Overlay Plates Take?

First, lets consider most standard CCO plate is often described as tolerating “moderate impact”. This often means a softball sized rock falling a couple of feet onto a CCO plate, with a chance of the carbide deposit surviving.

Let's Have The Competitors Tell You How Much Impact They Believe Their CCO Plate Can Tolerate?

The following images are from competitor's websites. The company and product names have been removed.

Low to moderate impact: Translation = don’t use them in your impact applications

Moderate to low impact.


Light to moderate impact.


Moderate impact.


Moderate to low impact conditions.


Interesting how they don’t mention impact resistance at all, but list all the other types of wear.


JADCO Has The Broadest Line Of CCO Plates Available To Combat Nearly Every Wear Application For Your Wear Challenges


With SIX different CCO plate products, JADCO can cover your biggest wear challenges.

Chromeweld Ti was designed to use in high abrasion applications with heavy impact.

The reason we developed Chromeweld Ti was to bridge the gap between QT Plus which is an excellent plate for abrasion and impact. It is not as abrasion resistant as traditional chrome carbides.


Notice the uniform bead width, height along with bead to bead fusion. Chromeweld Ti is simply the finest heavy impact resistant CCO plate on the market.

Chromeweld Ti is specifically made to withstand impact better than traditional CCO abrasion resistant products.

The benefit of adding Titanium to a Chrome Carbide Overlay, gives it the ability to take impact; where traditional Chrome Carbide Overlay plates would potentially fail.

The trade off is Ti is not as abrasive resistant as Chromeweld 600. But it is definitely more abrasive resistant than any type of heat treated plate such AR type steels. It is even more abrasive resistant than our QT Plus.

Chromeweld Ti effectively fills the gap where you would like to use Chrome Carbide, but are fearful of having too much impact.

How Well Does Chromeweld Ti Work?

One of our most successful Chromeweld Ti applications has 24” diameter rocks

falling SIX FEET onto Chromeweld Ti without damage.

Don’t attempt that test with your generic CCO plate or you will find yourself with an urgent repair immediately after testing.

What applications will Chromeweld Ti improve your wear performance than what you are using now?

Here are a few examples:
• Infeed chutes for pulp & paper
• Hopper target plates where material is always bouncing and deflecting
• Diverter gates
• Any focused wear “Hot Spot” in material flow
• Target plates where spalling is defeating your current wear plate
• Target plate beneath the coal breaker
• Aggregate or coal target plates off the head pulley
• Recycling ‘waterfall’ chutes
• Application temperatures up to 1200°F
• Anywhere you would be afraid to use CCO plate due to heavy impact loads

Regardless which specialty CCO wear plate you need, be certain to install it correctly.

Before starting to install CCO with new employees or contractors, it is a good idea to review our blog post from February 27, 2020. Avoid 3 Common Mistakes When Installing Chrome Carbide Overlay Wear Plate

Are You Looking For A Different CCO Application?

JADCO has your product solution right here:

Chromeweld 600 - For standard abrasion applications
Chromeweld Nb Plus – for fine particle abrasion
Chromeweld W – tungsten carbide particles for ultra-aggressive applications
Chromeweld Complex – for the most demanding applications including high heat, corrosion and abrasion
Chromeweld Glide – when only an ultra-smooth surface finish is acceptable
Chromeweld Flow – control your piping wear

For the last 40 years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

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