Case Study: What Wear Plate Challenge Do You Need Solved?

Working with wear resistant steel in heavy industry, oftentimes we are nearly overwhelmed by daily if not hourly issues and challenges.
Early in my career I would ask people what wear problems they had, and 90% of the people responded they didn’t have any wear problems.

This was confusing since a quick glance at their equipment revealed several places where things had worn out, patched or both.

What took some time to realize is people don’t want to admit they have a ‘problem’. It is okay to struggle or have challenges and issues; but we don’t acknowledge to ourselves we have problems.

Have you ever wondered “What should I do first?”

Often a better question when you are surrounded by numerous problems is, “What should I NOT do at this time?”

If you have 1,000 options; paralysis often sets in to the point where you don’t have any options. And because zero progress is made, you actually go backwards.

What You Need To Do First: Is being systematic in how you put aside all the things that don’t immediately improve your results.

Begin by asking yourself: Which Wear Plate Challenge Needs To Be Solved First?

Then ask yourself the next question, “How Do I Solve The First Issue That Solves A Dozen Other Problems?”

When you start with this method, it will help your massive number of obstacles and issues into smarter, focused actions.

When you think about it on a daily basis, there are many things that do not accomplish the job they are intended to do.

Never confuse motion with accomplishment. The two concepts deliver vastly different results.

Yet there are a few ongoing things that are irritating enough to rant about to co-workers, family or friends.

That Is Exactly Where You Need To Focus Your Energy To Prevent The First Domino Effect From Controlling Your Efforts

Case Study: Attempted Wear Plate Savings Wastes Limited Resources

Here a poor material choice in the hope of saving a few hundred dollars resulted in an emergency safety shutdown. The result cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime expenses and lost production.


Commodity AR400 wear plate often cracks in use as shown in this infeed chute at a Midwest papermill. This is often caused by higher Carbon content in the steel to produce an inexpensive method of raising the hardness. When left in a cracked condition, it will be peeled open when a log catches, which is why you see all the repair welds looking like scar tissue.


This patched panel shows the result when a 2,500 hp motor is moving logs up an incline and jams against a cracked area that started to peel away. The continues until the log is pushed right through the side of ½” AR400 steel.


Every log has to be removed to access the damaged area before welding repairs can be made. This mill turned 3,000 tons of logs per day into paper. When it all comes to a screaming halt, a crew of 4 men are forced work around the clock on the repairs. The end result is a hugely expensive mistake caused by trying to save money in the wrong area.

And How Do You Prevent All This Before It Happens?

With the correct quality wear resistant steel that tolerates both high stress grinding abrasion and heavy impact.

While many wear plates claim to be through hardened, most do not live up to the claim.

JADCO’s QT Plus ® delivers greater performance IN YOUR WEAR APPLICATIONS than the various AR400 steel plates you have used previously.

Being able to create wear resistant steel having the same hardness through the entire thickness of the steel, demands you accurately control the alloying chemistry with precise heat treating.

Then Why Doesn’t Every Steel Company Make Their Wear Materials Last As Long As JADCO QT Plus ®?

The required attention to detail at the steel mill in Pennsylvania is actually available to anyone.

Yet most steel wear plate distributors choose to limit the correct quantities and percentages of these essential elements for the goal of a lower price.

They are planning to always sell you more of the same underperforming steel in a few months, happily stealing more of your hard earned profits.

For over the last 40 years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our customers.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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