CastExpo '22 Opens In Columbus OH

CastExpo ’22 opened yesterday April 23 and runs through Wednesday April 26, in Columbus OH.

Held every 3 years and drawing attendees from nearly every state in the US and internationally, this is the largest foundry show in North America.


You will get more life in your shake out decks and discharge plates with JADCO QT-Plus ®.

The foundry industry is booming as foundries have ramped up and are running flat out to overcome supply chain shortages.

The JADCO foundry wear team is attending the show, connecting with customers to help their wear applications last longer than ever.

There are few guarantees in foundries for wear resistant steel applications, but you can rely on the following:

• You specialize in trying to destroy wear resistant steel on a daily basis.

• You have tried nearly every material to see if something else works better.

• You can spot salesman BS usually before an introduction is finished.

• Performance is documented in nearly every phase of your operations.

• You are loyal to vendor-partners who help you out-smart your challenges.

Here are a few applications where JADCO has the correct wear resistant steel products to deliver longer wear plate life for Foundries:

Shake Out Decks
Rotary Drums
Transitions and Target Wear Areas
Screw Conveyors
Muller Floors and Mixer Plows
Charge Yard Conveyor / Decks
Slag Conveyor Target Plates
Cooling Tower Deck Plates
Pick and Sort Tools
Formed Impact Target Plates
Shot Blast Side Plates
Hardfacing On Grapples and Magnets
Hardfacing and Welding Alloys That Work

JADCO QT-Plus ® and Chromeweld ™ Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) family of overlaid wear plates will extend your equipment life cycle, over AR steel wear plates. AR400 was introduced in the mid 1960’s.

Foundries use AR400, AR450 or AR500 in material handling and dust collection from the charge yard, through the finishing department.

New developments in metallurgy and heat treating result in JADCO delivering both through-hardened Quenched & Tempered Steel, and specialized chrome carbide overlay plates.

Shake Out Decks

Extend your shake out deck life with JADCO’s QT-PLUS ®, a through- hardened wear plate. We guarantee QT-PLUS ® to deliver the same hardness at the center of a 2” thick plate. Most commodity wear plates cannot guarantee the hardness of a 1” thick plate.

AR400 performance by comparison, resembles like an Oreo ® Cookie. Those steels are only hard at the top and bottom surface, and are similar to mild steel in the center of the plate thickness.

Plasma cutting QT-PLUS ®, under water for the back-draft holes delivers longer life and prevents plugging and jam-ups in production.


A machine shop customer who makes shaker deck screens for foundries discovered water jet cutting time for QT-PLUS ® required 40% more time to water jet cut the same size holes, in the same thickness plate; compared to AR400.

That shows the difference between a through hardened plate and the soft center of most typical AR400 plates.

Are you getting all of the wear life you paid for in your foundry wear applications with AR400?

Rotary Drums


Rotary Drums are popular for casting and gating cleanup. Equipment using OEM castings are expensive, an ergonomic nightmare trying to install the heavy castings.

An OEM drum manufacturer casts offers cast liner segments from cast white iron, which is considered un-weldable. This makes touch-up hardsurfacing or repairing the drum castings difficult at best.

Standard life using the OEM castings typically runs 12 to 18 months; seldom more than 20 months.

JADCO’s through hardened plate, QT-PLUS ® delivers four 3-5 times more life in the same application, and works extremely well in most Foundry applications.

Targeted areas such as coves, transition areas and elbows, experience extreme wear in your applications.

JADCO can fabricate shake out decks, chutes, liners, screens or rotary drum assemblies for your specific applications.

Muller Mixer floors, walls and plows made from CHROMEWELD 600 ® can handle the constant abrasion wear from the sand.

Welding Alloys for Longer Life

JADCO’s line of Fusion welding alloys give you the right products for joining and hard-surfacing your most demanding foundry applications.

Get longer life and more profitability with JADCO QT-PLUS ® and CHROMEWELD Carbide overlay wear resistant plates.

Which of your worst wear challenges would you like to conquer?

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