CCO Lined Pipe: the Key to Keeping Material Flowing


Piping systems are used daily to move a variety of materials, and not all fluids. Some materials, including sand and dust, can be harsher than others on the equipment used to transport them. Each material has its own set of wear challenges.

Although there are multiple options on the market when it comes to the materials, a durable option is going to be the best option. More often than not, the most economical material will win out. It is very important, however, to consider and know the cost to life ratio. Remember, the most efficient companies have pipe systems that run regularly, providing a consistent performance. Making the company not only efficient in material movement, but also finances, maintenance and employees’ time.

Long service life for your products, limiting your down time, is the key for keeping your material flowing. How do you obtain that key? Answer: Chromium Carbide Over Pipes.

Fine particles, though small individually, are abrasive in large quantities that can pose serious damage. Frac Sand Plants can easily move several hundred tons, or more, per hour through their pipes. Which can erode a pipe very quickly. A chromium carbide overlay pipe can provide a life cycle up to 10 times, plus, longer than a carbon steel pipe, depending on the application.

Left unchecked, abrasion can have the ability to decrease material flow due to the necessary maintenance and downtime. Companies that do not want to be held up every time a pipe fails have started outfitting their systems with heavy duty chromium carbide overlay pipe that can handle even the most demanding wear challenges.

One reason chromium carbide overlay pipes are considered the key to keeping material flowing is because of the bead direction of the overlay. The bead direction is applied perpendicular to the material flow on the inside of the pipe, taking the abrasion head on. Depending on thickness of the overlay itself, chromium carbide overlay, a pipe can increase its effectiveness significantly, ranging in hardness 52-62 HRC. A protected pipe is a reliable pipe, and the right pipe can make all the difference between a pipe that gets the job done and one that constantly needs maintenance and repairs.

An approach that takes into account the long range best interests of your company will make the investment of a chromium carbide overlay pipe seem like a small investment. The chromium carbide overlay will protect the pipe underneath, increasing the value of your system.

Chromium carbide overlay pipes come in standard diameters and lengths, and vary in types from straight, elbows, T, Y, and spicket. Ask about custom applications if your operation requires.

Don’t let wear challenges like abrasion get the best of your operation. You can find a proper chromium carbide overlay pipe with the right thickness to protect against even the most challenging wear situations. And with the right protection, you can keep the material flowing. Just like it should be.