Chocky Blocks: Small Fixes Save Big Money

One of the areas discussed in every company is, "How do we decrease our costs?" Everyone has to be conscious of what their costs are, how to extend their budgets, and make their money work harder for them. For mines, of all kinds, there are wonderful “cost extenders” that can help your budget go a bit further for a minimal amount. Chocky blocks are great time savers, with the ability to patch areas on machinery and equipment to help them last longer.

In mine applications, there are many different pieces of mobile equipment and machinery that can benefit from chocky blocks, donuts and bars.

Moving the Material
For the Rubber Tire Dozer application, chocky blocks are installed on the leading edge of the skid plate. Since this is the face of the blade it sees a lot of wear. The chocky blocks help to take the brunt of the wear, allowing the leading edge to stay intact for a longer period of time. Applying the blocks and pucks to the sides of the blade help to protect another high wear area. In some cases, certain sides may have a higher need than another because the operators tend to focus them while pushing rock or dirt. Last, the chocky blocks are applied to the push arms around the trunnion ends, specifically for the male and female ends of the push arms. The socket and ball end of the push arm is always heavily armored with overlay, but the chocky blocks also play a key factor in adding additional life to this component.

Dozers of all kinds can take advantage of chocky blocks. Focusing on the skid plates, the sides of the blades, push arms, and side frames. What is unique about these applications is that it was a quick fix, which would help to keep your downtime at a minimum. Typically, a skid plate change out will take anywhere from 8-12 hours versus 2 hours to patch a wear spot, protect a leading edge, or just “beef-up” a worn area that is not quite ready to be changed out.

temp-post-imageJADCO HARDGUARD, chocky blocks, added to the side of a 992 Rock Bucket used for overburden removal at a Coal Mine.

Transporting the Material
In production trucks, chocky blocks or pucks can be used to repair a hole or worn spot in the truck bed liner or perhaps the transition liner. It is a one pass of weld repair, instead of cutting, bending, and forming a piece of plate that would require 2-3 passes to accomplish the same goal. Inevitably, these small pieces are cutting your downtime significantly.

As you may or may not know, when it comes to chocky blocks, there are many applications on shovel dippers where they can be utilized. Success has been found when using them on rebuilds; including heel bands, holes in the floor plates, protecting the ground engaging equipment, and lastly on protecting the latch plate on the dipper that suffered a lot of wear from the plunger (or latch bar) making constant contact while the door was opening or closing.

Front End Loaders had multiple applications as well. The chocky blocks or pucks can be used to once again give a quick fix or extend life of a component that was not giving the life a company hopes to achieve. The applications for a front end loader are protecting the ground engaging equipment, repairing a hole in chrome overlay plate on the floor of the loader, protecting the side walls of the outside of the bucket, and adding chocky blocks to the heels of the bucket that suffer a lot of wear due to typical usage.

temp-post-imageJADCO HARDGUARD Donut

Smoothing Out the Material
Grading is used to refine or set precisely the slope of a surface. While the applications for road graders are not as extensive as other mining equipment, the chocky blocks can be used to protect the faces of grader blades (the key component). The grader blades are lined with the chromium carbide overlay plates. With intense wear, the chromium carbide overlay can wear through down to the mild steel backing plate over time. By adding a chocky blocks to this, they take the initial wear and keep the blade in operation longer.

Extending the life of a company’s mobile equipment and machinery is a strong goal. It helps to meet the goal to keep overall costs down. If everything is operational, than the potential for a profit to be made is greater. Help your company keep its equipment running with chocky blocks.

temp-post-imageJADCO HARDGUARD, chocky blocks, added to a dredge at a mine site.

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