Chocky Blocks Beyond the Mine

Chocky blocks have immense ability to extend your equipment’s wear life. They help to patch holes, cover key points and are very quick to install. Not to mention, by being a quick fix, they are very cost effective compared to replacing whole sections on buckets, truck beds and other equipment. They are known for being used a lot in mining applications. However, what happens once the material is mined? Are there still needs for these chocky blocks that work so hard for your company in the field? Absolutely. The processing plant is filled with areas that could employ these tools.

Crushing Material
In Crusher applications, chocky blocks are very useful in chutes. The material slides through the chute quickly and in high volume. That constant friction will wear holes in the chute over time. They protect the holes in mantles and side walls of the crusher bin, especially those areas that are seeing the movement of the material. In some applications, where the dirt or dust is wearing through the exhaust ducts, chocky blocks can come in handy as a quick patch. Which allows the equipment to be down for just a short period of time, instead of having to replace an entire section of ductwork.


JADCO HARDCHOC - Chocky Bars prepped on a pallet ready to ship to a customer.

Moving Material
The Concentrator has potential usage for chocky blocks as well. The areas you would benefit most from is within the chutes again. Having harsh material moved through it regularly, there tends to be spots where holes start to form. By covering these holes with chocky blocks immediately, you can keep your operation moving and therefore the material moving. Chocky blocks would also be applicable in the duct work for exhaust fans, or perhaps mills where once again the product was wearing through the walls or the discharge sides. Chocky blocks can be utilized in the classifier screws or troughs that are used to discharge the course tailings from the slurry.

Forming Material
In the Agglomerator (pellet plant), the chocky blocks would be useful in protecting the wind-box down comer pipes and preheat or recoup ducts from the fans. As the pellets are being formed, the material is moved through multiple sections of the plant; moving through chutes, hitting on the discharge sides or transfer points, and also in the feeder bins, once the material was formed into the end product. These are all intense points of contact for the material, wearing out the equipment quickly.

Not to mention, you have multiple forms of the material moving through. For wood pellets you would be dealing with the fine saw dust initially, that wear down key points with consent abrasion. In the end, you have compressed pellets beating on the transfer points and add a level of impact along with the abrasion. These elements will tear down your equipment over time. Chocky blocks would be a quick way to keep operations moving, with minimal downtime and cost.


JADCO HARDGUARD Buttons are a great option for areas beyond the mine. They've even been found useful in agriculture settings, because they don't damage produce when being picked, due to the lack of sharp edges.

While the applications are not as dense in usage as the mine, there is still room for consumption of chocky blocks within the different departments of the facilities and plants. The material that was mined was abrasive and hard when it was mined, that does not change as its being transported and handled. Chocky blocks are sure to be an exceptional addition to your plant’s operation. Consider using them for your next project.

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