Chromeweld® Nb PLUS Delivers 4 Million More Tons Production In North America Mine

A major North American mine had been using two different competitor’s Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plates for the side liners of their hydraulic shovel bucket.


JADCO Nb PLUS hydraulic shovel bucket side liners exceeded competitor’s production life improved 50% in a major North American mine.


Hydraulic Shovel Bucket showing the side liners on the far side of the bucket.

After switching to JADCO’s Chromeweld Nb Plus, they increased the hydraulic shovel bucket side liner life from 4 million tons before rebuilding; up to 5.5 – 6 million tons using JADCO's Chromeweld Nb PLUS.

After seeing the side liner results, they also installed Nb PLUS on the floor, giving them even more life.


In their shovel dipper, Nb PLUS increased life from 5.5 – 6 million tons before requiring a rebuild, up to 9 - 10 million tons before rebuilding.

Every mine receives different results depending on digging operations, but our customers experience an average of 40% to 60%; up to 100% increase in life compared to their former CCO plate.

How Does Nb PLUS Differ From Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate?
When you battle Severe Fine Particle Abrasion like you find in mining, JADCO developed Chromeweld ® Nb PLUS. Our customers were looking for an answer for their fine particle abrasion applications.

The result is JADCO uses smaller, dense Niobium Carbides to lock into the matrix between the larger Chromium Carbides. This provides you with a superior abrasion resistant product.


The Blue Arrows Point To The Large Chrome Carbides. The Yellow Arrows Point To The Small Round Niobium Carbides. The Photo Was Taken At 50 Microns. One Inch = 24,500 Microns.

Why Use Niobium Carbides With Chrome Carbides?
Carbides rarely wear out. What happens is the matrix holding the carbides wears away and the carbide simply falls out.

To make it easy to understand, think of a Carbide Overlay plate like a chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate chips are the carbides, and the cookie is the matrix.


The more chocolate chips, the better the cookie tastes. The more carbides, the longer your plate will last.

When you dunk the chocolate chip cookie into milk or coffee; the cookie (matrix) wears away and the chocolate chips fall to the bottom of the cup. Abrasion works the same way on most carbide plates.

JADCO’s Chromeweld ® Nb Plus adds the smaller, harder Niobium Carbides to take up the space between the larger Chrome Carbides. By locking in the larger Chrome Carbides, we are significantly delaying the wear.

This is how you can double your wear plate life in high stress abrasion applications.

When you have focused exclusively on delivering longer life for our customer for the last 40 years; you understand why JADCO is able to deliver greater performance for your applications than what you have used previously.

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Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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