CHROMEWELD FUSION: Hardfacing Wire and Electrodes for Ultimate Weld Protection


Hardfacing wire is key to ensuring durability, strength, and protection of welds. Are you using the right one to get the job done? It can sometimes be hard to know which wire is best for impact vs. abrasion vs. high heat, etc.

Our line of CHROMEWELD FUSION hardfacing wire offers the unrivaled protection that you’ve come to expect with CHROMEWELD 600, but gives you a number of options for a variety of applications.

We stock four varieties of FUSION wire, each with their own unique strengths and applications:

CHROMEWELD FUSION-AP hardfacing wire is ideal for resistance to impact and plastic deformation. When welding on carbon 300 stainless and manganese steels, the deposits are crack free. This hardfacing wire is an all position, gas shielded wire designed for all purpose use.

The deposit is a specially formulated wear resistant alloy which produces a uniform distribution of small primary carbides in a martensitic matrix. These small carbides provide greatly improved wear resistance over martensitic steel, many tool steels, and some conventional chromium carbide alloys.

Fusion-AP™ is recommended for parts where cross checking is undesirable. Fusion-AP™ offers improved weldability over chromium carbide and many other tool steel welding wires.

CHROMEWELD FUSION-E hardfacing wire is prime for applications where severe abrasion and moderate to heavy impact are a concern. Typically used for earth-to-metal wear or other particulate wear, Fusion-E is a solid core electrode with a heavy extruded coating that contains alloying elements.

Fusion-E can be applied with uniform deposits, an excellent bead appearance, and slag removal. Fusion-E easily bonds to low alloy, carbon, and manganese steel. It also has high compressive strength and develops surface checks. It is not machinable or forgeable.

CHROMEWELD FUSION-G hardfacing wire is a tubular wire with a high chromium-carbon and iron based alloy. This wire is recommended for metal-to-earth applications which are subject to severe abrasion. When used, Fusion-G develops a tight cross-checked pattern (3/8″ – 1/2″).

Fusion-G is excellent for crushing and construction applications. It can be applied to low alloy, carbon, or manganese steels and can be used in hot wear applications up to 900 degrees fahrenheit. Deposits should not be machined or forged.

CHROMEWELD FUSION-O hardfacing wire also contains a high chromium-carbide and iron composition, and is very similar across the board to Fusion-G. Fusion-O has slightly different properties, no shielding gas, and a larger diameter.

Much like Fusion-G, this wire is excellent for crushing and construction applications and it can be applied to carbon, low alloy, or manganese steels. Fusion-O can be used in hot wear applications up to 900 degrees fahrenheit, but deposits cannot be machined or forged.

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