Communications Are Critical To Receive Exactly What You Expect

When you reverse engineer a product to be made from a superior wear resistant material, it is essential to verify the product you receive is exactly what you are expecting.

What you do not want to happen, is having your essential information misinterpreted so the items you are waiting patiently to arrive do not fit.

Here is an example of what can occur.

A customer ordered seven replacement grizzly bars from a competitor. The size needed to be 54” long x 1-1/2” thick. They needed to taper from 5-1/2” at the widest to 2-1/4” at the narrowest.

Grizzly bars are the first point of sorting in aggregate, sand and gravel or mining industries; before going through a crusher. The bars are tapered narrower toward the front, so smaller rocks drop out early to bypass the primary crusher. They head directly to a secondary or tertiary crusher, to meet the customer’s finished size requirements.


The length of grizzly bars can vary depending on the equipment and application.

Here is a drawing of the bars the customer expected to receive:


Grizzly bars for this application are usually made from 1-1/2” x 54” steel, tapering from 5.5” wide down to 2.5” wide.

The photo below is what the customer received from a competitor. Needless to say, this is not what the customer was expecting to install.


What they ordered were grizzly bars tapered over the length of the bar, not the thickness of the bar. This steel obviously did not work in this application.

Here is a unique set of grizzly bars for a different application.

Here we have taken two plates of ½” on ½” Chromeweld 600 and plug welded the mild steel bottoms together to form a 2” thick bar. The edges are then hardfaced to protect the base metal and allow the rocks to slide easily into the crusher.


You can see the Chromeweld 600 weld beads clearly in the photo. This wear solution was requested by the customer since they have major abrasion issues from the rocks as they fell through into the crusher.

This particular set has been in service for 2 years as of this writing and they are still performing fantastic.

Here Are 6 Tips For Better Communications, To Make Certain You Get What You Ordered

1. Communicate Face To Face When Possible
2. Listen Closely – Don’t Just Wait To Talk
3. Provide Clear Information
4. Ask Questions If You Are Not 100% Certain You Understand
5. Request & Approve Product Drawings Before Production Starts
6. Offer Positive Feedback

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