ConExpo - Con/Agg Show - Featuring Crushers & Screens


This week of ConExpo-Con/Agg, we will run a daily review of the various types of construction equipment which can/do use JADCO QT Plus and our Chromeweld family of Chrome Carbide Overlay clad plates.

Good Morning from Las Vegas!


Today is Wednesday 3/11/2020 and we are reviewing Crushers, Screens & Wash Plant applications.

Here are some of the areas JADCO can assist you in getting more life for your Crushers, Screens and Wash Plants wear components.

After this list, we will touch on some specific items to deliver longer life in your equipment:

o Chain Beds
o Counterweight Guards
o Elevator Flights & Buckets
o Grizzly Bars
o Impact Areas
o Low Flow Drag Flight
o Punch Plate Screens
o Vibratory Feeder Bottoms
o Wash Box Bottoms
o Wear Bars
o Wear Parts for Wash Boxes
o Chute Liners
o Hopper Liners
o Mainframe Liners
o Rock Bin Liners
o Ball Mill Liners
o Breaker Bars
o Cheek Plates
o Cone Crushers
o Counterweight Guards
o Crusher Hammers
o Cylinder Hammers
o Cylinder Liners
o Drum Bars For Jaw Crusher
o Feed Cones To Crusher
o Fluff Mill Liners
o Frame Liners
o Gyratory Crusher Liners
o Hammer Pins
o Jaw Crusher Cheek Plates
o Main Frame Liners
o Side Liners
o Toggle Block For Jaw Crusher

There are literally hundreds of different crushers, screening and wash plant equipment here at the 2020 ConExpo-Con/Agg trade show.

One of the most popular methods for crushing rock is with a cone crusher.

The cone is made from cast Manganese steel. Manganese is a unique steel that needs direct impact to become hardened.

Most people do not know nearly half of the wear on a new cone happens in the first few hours of operation.


Extend the wear life of your cone crusher with JADCO’s Crusher Guard.

Applying an initial protective barrier of Crusher Guard, can extend the life of your new cone 2 to 3 times compared to an unprotected cone.


This Crusher Guard overlay barrier helps to extend wear life two to three times.

Not only does that lead to less downtime for change outs, but it also decreases the necessary inventory needed.

Most crushing plants use a screen the aggregate into separate, correctly sized rock.

We excel at making punch plate screens from our QT Plus ®, which takes impact with high stress abrasion.


Flat or curved, with any opening size, spacing and thickness; QT Plus delivers exceptionally long life.

One reason QT Plus ® is an ideal product for screens, is we can make any size, shape and spacing opening for your specific needs. Flat or curved, you will get longer life using QT Plus ® for your punch plate screens.

NOTE: Please do not attempt to actually use a punch press. QT Plus ® will destroy your punch.


JADCO's Chromeweld family of overlay plates is the widest in the wear plate industry.

NOTE: Chrome Carbide Overlay plate cannot be cut with an oxy-fuel torch. Plasma or air-arc will remove it.

Welding in JADCO Chromeweld 600 is not an issue with the mild steel backing plate.

Nearly every crushing operation uses chutes in some location of their operations. From vibratory infeed decks to, crushed materials sliding across the discharge chute; every bit of that movement causes abrasive wear.

For impact with abrasion, Chromeweld Ti has the ability to take 24” rocks falling 6’ onto the load deck without breaking up.

For pure abrasive wear, Chromeweld 600 is the go-to plate to combat high stress grinding abrasion seen in all types of aggregate applications.


At JADCO, we plasma cut on a water table to deliver precise controls with our 5-axis head for countersunk bolt holes in QT Plus ® or our Chromeweld family of products.

Thursday we will look at Bulldozer and Excavator applications.

Friday we will review Asphalt and Concrete applications.

Saturday we will look at Haul Truck applications.

Over 130,000 attendees are expected for the largest construction trade show in North America this week.

Watch For Daily Updates.

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