Correct Method For Cutting Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate

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An example of how JADCO reinvests our profits back into the company is a state of the art, 5-axis plasma burning table.


Here you see one of our plasma cutting tables with twin cutting heads, ready to make quick work when needed to do repeat components. The second head is not in use in this photo.

Heavy wear resistant steel is effectively cut with a plasma torch. Gaining in popularity since the 1980’s, these torches were fixed to cut straight down through the steel. If your project requires a bevel cut other than 90 degrees, you have to do it in a separate operation.

The More Times You Handle The Product, The More Expensive Your Item Becomes

Everyone in business understands this concept.

JADCO is the leader in manufacturing Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plate for severe wear applications.

When fabricating CCO plate, it is important to understand a conventional oxy-fuel torch will not cut through the Chrome Carbide Overlay. With CCO you need to use plasma due to the chemistry of the overlay and thickness of the plate.

Yes, Other Cutting Methods Are Available

High powered lasers can rapidly cut thin sheet metal; however they are limited with how thick they can cut.

Water jet cutting provides a clean cut, but is very expensive. For production, water jet is very slow when cutting thicker plates, and therefore costly.


This 1" thick QT Plus ® screen has water jet cut back draft holes. This single plate required 32 hours to cut all the holes for the screen, making it very expensive.

It is interesting to note using a water jet to cut the above 1” thick QT Plus ® required 40% more cutting time per hole than cutting the same thickness of AR400.

This proves standard AR plate is far softer in the center of the steel thickness than JADCO QT Plus ®, which has the same hardness through the thickness.

The most cost effective to pierce and cut wear resistant plates up to 2” thickness using plasma.



Here is our plasma cut countersink in Chromeweld® 600 Chrome Carbide Overlay plate using the 5-axis plasma torch.

The results from our state of the art CNC plasma cutting system deliver a consistent diameter with a smooth finish. This means your parts fit where you need them without additional work for your people.

Compare this result to the photo below where a different vendor without this investment in equipment are still trying to create a countersink using a hand held gouging rod. You will plainly see it is not round or smooth.


Various industries use plow bolts or carriage bolts to secure wear resistant steel into place, so you do not wear away the head of the bolt. These bolts rely on a square cut hole to lock the bolt into place.

When an oversized hole is too large to retain the bolt properly, you cannot use the part without having to do repairs or modifications before they can install it. Suddenly your low-cost part is not the inexpensive bargain you hoped to receive.

Now you have more unplanned downtime and labor costs that were not budgeted.

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