COVID-19 Closes ConExpo – Con/Agg 2020 Trade Show Early Over Health Concerns

Friday the 13th was unexpectedly the last day of the 2020 ConExpo – Con/Agg Trade Show in Las Vegas, closing a day earlier than planned.

This post covers the Asphalt applications shown on equipment during ConExpo-Con/Agg.


Asphalt equipment is tough on wear plates. This is why many OEM's use JADCO wear plates to deliver longer life.

This is a perfect example of circumstances beyond your control unexpectedly whacking your business in the back of the head just when things were going swell.

You always try to prepare for interruptions, but no one expected the dramatic actions worldwide; to battle COVID-19 affecting everyone.

Your New Most Important Question?
How do you react and keep your customers happy while minimizing the impact to your business?
What will be your first reaction when bad things happen to your Wear Plate applications?
Let’s evaluate this logically:

A. Determine what equipment needs your immediate attention to get back up and running quickly?

B. Have we tracked the performance of our wear plate in this application to know how it worked this last time verses historical data?

C. Contact JADCO Mfg to confirm the best material options for your unique applications and advise how rapidly you need these materials onsite.

D. Install the replacement items and walk away knowing you will not have to worry about this again for many years.


JADCO’s Chromeweld 600 ® is selected for this MTV floor plate liner.

Using Chromeweld 600 ® CCO delivers longer production life in one of the highest wear areas on this equipment.

Asphalt Wear Plate Applications From JADCO:

o Bin Liners
o Breaker Plates
o Chute Liners
o Door Liner
o Dozer Blade Liners
o Floor Plates
o Grizzly Bars
o Haul Truck Bed Liners
o Heel Bands
o Hopper Liners
o Incline Floor
o Rotary Breaker Grates
o Side Walls
o Surge Bins
o Wear Bars


Chromeweld 600 ® is an ideal choice for the drag floor liner.


Chromeweld 600 ® is an ideal choice for the drag floor liner, viewing over the side of the machine.

This non-stop abrasive wear application destroys AR400 type wear plates. Where AR400 doesn’t last a single season, Chromeweld 600 ® lasts multiple seasons for an immediate payback on your investment.

Everyone has heard the saying, “There is always a silver lining in every dark storm cloud”.


Remember, without a little rain in your life; you will never get to see a rainbow.

By cancelling the last day of the show, I was able to play tourist and visit the Grand Canyon for the first time. It was drizzly and raining at times, but it allowed us to see the rainbow and know better days are coming.

If you didn’t see JADCO at ConExpo, don't worry.

We will be back in Las Vegas for MINExpo. September 28-30, 2020.

You don’t need to wait until September to make upgrades in your equipment.

Allow us to assist you by calling (724) 452-5252, or email: today.

We will schedule a meeting at a time that best fits your schedule requirements, with one of our local wear plate specialists.

Together we will assist you to achieve far better results in your wear plate applications than you have experienced before.

The only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits. And eliminate another stress headache.

And best wishes from all of us here at JADCO Mfg.

May you to stay healthy, positive and productive throughout the remainder of 2020.

Always remember:
When your current plate wears out;
give JADCO a shout!