Developing Survival Tactics vs. Panic Instincts

If this Covid-19 pandemic over the past few months has done anything, it has reinforced how easy it is for the majority to react with panic.

Everything around us is operating in an altered state. This is what happens when there is no playbook telling us what to do in this circumstance.

Blazing new trails into a bewildering maze of limited options is brand new territory. Some of you may consider covering your head and taking no action at all.

But playing possum does not accomplish anything.

Our deadlines are still hurtling at us regardless if we are frozen in fear like a deer in the headlights. We must prepare to deal with the unexpected potholes down this road we call life.

Now the BIG QUESTION is – How Do We Kick Into Survival Mode?

First – evaluate your options. Do not automatically continue to do everything the way we did before.

Second – look at our challenges with ‘New Eyes’ to see where improvement opportunities exist.


If you continue to add patches over patches hoping and praying it lasts until your next planned shutdown; this is your prime opportunity for improvement.

Now is the right time to thoughtfully implement items you have been considering for some time, but up until now you have not pulled the trigger.

We have spent so long accepting our short term and long term problems, it is now accepted as Standard Operating Procedure.

Rather than simply shrug our shoulders when things don’t go the way we planned; consider a better way this could be resolved.

“Here’s what's wrong – AND – here is a likely solution for it.”

If we only did this one thing, we would significantly fast-track our productivity.

We must find a creative breakthrough to determine the best course of action; while not continuing to tolerate these challenges as they currently exist.

Without action however, the actual truth is that we are only delaying the inevitable.

There are always going to be problems in business; that is a fact of life.

It is up to you to determine if it has the potential to always put you in a frustrating frame of mind.

“A good plan, violently executed now; is better than a perfect plan next week.” – General George S. Patton.
Known for his brilliance on the battlefield, Patton often had to make decisions based on limited information and time. But he knew the best way to avoid “paralysis by analysis” is to make a decision and execute it the best he could. Otherwise, the enemy might be able to maneuver faster and beat him.

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PS: What wear plate are you planning to replace during your upcoming shutdown?