Discounted Money With The Right Wear Plate

You get more for your money, when your wear plate lasts longer.

Remember the saying, “You can make excuses, or you can make money; but you can’t make both.” The real question then is, are you “Playing Not to lose” rather than “Playing to Win”?

People who only focus on the obstacles in front of them, never see the abundant opportunities in plain sight. This is how JADCO representatives have made our reputation, by recognizing those opportunities where others only saw problems. This is why having a specialist review your biggest challenges with you can uncover an opportunity you had not previously considered.

The reason you are buying wear plate is because what was in place has failed. Many people struggle with deciding to use a higher priced, higher performance product. The price difference you are paying between the best and your under-performing steel, is the performance gap expressed in money.

Think of It This Way
If one plate costs $1/pound, and a higher performance plate costs $1.85/pound; you are not spending $1.85/pound more. You are investing an additional $0.85/pound for increased benefits.

If this gives you twice the life, your benefit is more than not having to buy another $1/pound next year. You don’t have to remove the failed material, and reinstall new steel. Labor costs are higher than ever, and it costs the same to install high performing wear resistant steel or the bottom of the pile pretender plate.

I never miss breakfast, and usually eat cereal. If I buy a 12.25 ounce box of Honey Nut Cheerios for $3.69, that works out to $0.3075 per serving, as the box has 12 servings. If I buy a 21.6 ounce box at $5.39, that works out to $0.245 per serving.

After 15 servings, the rest of the cereal in the box is essentially free. That gets me another 7 servings or 50% more cereal.

What does that have to do with wear plate? If generic AR400 must be replaced after 4 years, you will often get 2 to 3 times more life using JADCO QT-PLUS ®. Your investment per year is far lower. You don’t have the additional maintenance. You don’t have to buy the AR400 again. Your labor crew can work on other issues, since they do not have to remove the failed material and install the new plate again.

The end result is far more life, with a lot less labor using QT-PLUS ®. If you are looking to reduce labor costs and increase effectiveness, this is the easiest method available. One Midwest company reduced their monthly maintenance labor needed on one piece of equipment from 40 hours per month to 2 hours per month by changing to the right wear plate. Freeing up the labor hours allows them to accomplish more and continually improve your department’s production and performance.

Is QT-PLUS ® more expensive initially than generic AR400? Sure. But when your cheaper option suddenly fails, requiring unscheduled downtime, the required repairs are certainly not in your current labor or material budget.


QT-PLUS ® in action.