Do You Get Results From Your Wear Plate?

For your abrasion resistant steel wear plate or impact resistant steel applications; JADCO is in the business of delivering results. This may be measured in more tons per hour, or adding another six years to your equipment life before replacement AR steel is needed.

Ask your current steel vendor, “What would you do if you only got paid, if I get results using your wear plate?”

For most steel salespeople that is a terrifying question. Their eyebrows fly up, mouth drops open and the immediate reaction is, “We can’t do that!”

At JADCO Manufacturing, we see this as a CLARIFYING question. Often our customers initially came to us for help when nearly all hope had been lost for performance improvement. They tried Brand H, Brand T; even Brands X, Y or Z with no improvement.

JADCO’s approach is different. We know how important it is to see your application first hand before we quote a price. To understand the challenges you experience, we must be crystal clear on what is causing the symptoms you are experiencing. Stop treating the symptoms and instead identify the cure. Identifying what steps are needed, is the critical first step to get you the results you require.

It is critical to accurately track the consequences of every individual change. You must know where you started and your targeted goal, to determine if it is a success.

Are you throwing away your capital investment?

Do you continue to buy the same under-performing steel time after time; then wring your hands when it wears out short of your expected time frame?

Our customers expect positive results when they use our materials in their equipment. JADCO delivers.

What is the result you need to get in your application? Is it longer life? Or predictable wear, so you can more effectively plan your next replacement schedule? Or should we focus on engineering away the current bottle neck in your system?

Wal-Mart’s advertising has everyone trained to seek the lowest price when comparing products. Price is important up to the point where it doesn’t deliver the results you expect.

Taking this to a higher level, we flip the question around and ask, “How can we deliver the best possible results for our customer?” JADCO strives to produce a ‘Dream Come True’ experience with every order.

Too often people restrict their potential results by choosing to operate within a limiting framework. Basing needed equipment repairs or replacements by relying on past budgets often hinder your potential success.

If you instead look at it as an investment in your process, without attaching a price on the results you truly want; what could that be worth?

At JADCO we don’t look at a problem from outside the box; we live outside the box. Isn’t it time for you to consider what might be possible to improve your current challenge?

With the materials, knowledge, workmanship and resources available to you, JADCO can deliver your best possible outcome.

Our existing customers not only see results first hand, but realize by investing in JADCO products, they are not constantly chasing problems all day, every day.

This allows them time to focus on refining other aspects in their business and continue to improve their process.

This is why JADCO’s percentage of repeat customer orders leads the wear resistant steel industry. When they first test our materials and see they indeed do deliver longer life, it gives them the confidence to invest in additional application improvements. This is how you develop a valued partnership.

The first step is getting a system in place to evaluate what is causing your wear. It may not be the first thing you consider.

When you are attacking a recurring problem area, the first question to ask is not what material should I use; it is “Who do I trust to deliver the necessary results to make a difference?”

Einstein’s Definition of Insanity is, “Doing the same things over and over again, while expecting different results.”

If you want a different outcome, you cannot continue to do the same things the same way as you did in the past.

Together we can look at your situation and evaluate what you have attempted previously and how it worked. Then we can identify which materials and methods will deliver the best possible results.

When the customers see how JADCO brings passion and commitment to solving your greatest challenges, together our alliance is greater than your current obstacles. The rest is just how and when to implement the plan.

As sales professionals, JADCO representatives specialize in helping our customers get the results they need. We deliver the help they desire.

Many other sales reps push for an immediate sale and you rarely see them again. Or you get the sales rep of the month wearing an eager smile who can offer no application assistance.

At JADCO we understand when we deliver the results you need, we become partners in your business. Our goal is to make certain you succeed where we assist.

We strive to deliver a ‘Walk-Away-From-Solution’. This means using JADCO wear resistant steel, you don’t have to wonder if your problems will return with a vengeance at the worst possible time. You can walk away from a completed installation, knowing you will not lose sleep questioning if you made the right choice.

You can instead focus on all the other items demanding your attention.

At times the best answer may not be a product we offer. That means we are more concerned with your results than if we get a sale today.

A business partner who looks out for your best interests, are the ones that make a real difference in your life.

What wear application do you struggle with that makes you reach for Tums, Rolaids or Excedrin? Does it make you consider pulling your hair out?

That is where we should start the evaluation together, and plan to get it under control now.

What issue would you like to tackle first?

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We look forward to helping.