Do You Replace Wear Parts In Eight Weeks Or Less?

If your equipment mixes, crushes, grinds or sizes material and this process destroys your wear parts in 8 weeks or less, this message is definitely for you.

After three years of real world application results, JADCO Flexwear ™ can deliver longer life for your rotating crusher parts. And dynamically balance the rotating assembly for trouble free operation.


The above photo shows a worn out impeller where the customer has attempted to get longer life by manually hardfacing the target areas. This is expensive, labor intensive and is only a temporary fix.

Which wear application challenges in your equipment experiences this type of wear? What items do you want to last longer?


This photo shows the results using Flexwear after processing the same amount of material as the prior photo. The unit is still in service and the customer estimates it will last 20 times longer (!) than the unclad impeller.

JADCO manufacturers Flexwear ™ our own Tungsten Carbide (Wc) coating in house and applies it onto your wear components.


The darker areas are the Tungsten Carbide and the lighter areas are the Nickel Matrix that bonds the Tungsten Carbide to the base material. This process makes certain over 70% of the surface area is protected by Tungsten Carbide particles.

Which Wear Parts Will Benefit From Longer Life?

• Impellers
• Impact Crusher
• Shredder
• Pulverizers
• Wc Impregnated Hammers
• Wc Impregnated Wear Pins
• Screens
• Pin Mixers

We also dynamically balance your rotating device assemblies after they have been impregnated with Tungsten Carbide.


These Pin Mixer units have been protected with Flexwear ™ Tungsten Carbide over the entire length. The threads are not affected and the opposite ends where most of the wear occurs has a double layer for even more protection.

Why should you use FLEXWEAR ™ in your most challenging wear applications?

• 70 Rc Hardness – higher than nearly all other hardfacing products
• Higher temperature resistance – than 304 stainless steel
• The ability to conform to complex shapes and contours.


Flexwear ™ can conform to complex shapes for the ultimate in abrasion resistance for your equipment.

Industries include:

• Food Processing
• Pulp and Paper
• Wood Processing
• Agriculture
• Petrochemical
• Coal Fired Power Plants


You can now protect screw flights, screens and even small perforated plates.


This lightweight wear protection has a standard thickness range of .030” - .060”. The photo shows a 0.030" layer of Flexwear ™.

JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customer over the last 40+ years. JADCO’s commitment to deliver greater wear resistance results in your applications than you have previously used.

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