Do You See Challenges As Obstacles Or Opportunities?

Where most people only see obstacles, JADCO representatives see a ton of opportunities that are available to anyone who takes the time to look for the real causes of your issues.

Recently a competitor reviewed a recent paper industry installation in person, where JADCO suggested a unique approach to address the CAUSE of their wear. For decades they had continued to only treat the symptoms. Time after time, year after year, nothing changed. So the customer adopted the mindset that this was simply standard operating procedure, and were forced to live with the consequences.

After seeing the new installation we had fabricated in person, the former vendor’s immediate response was, “We could have done that for you.” The customer instantly shot back, “Then why didn’t you bring it up instead of continuing to sell me what didn’t work year after year?” As you can imagine, plenty of stammering and excuses rapidly followed.

You can make money or you can make excuses, but you can’t make both. Which one do you prefer?

If your current vendor is not bringing you new products or different approaches to resolve your wear plate headaches; you may have out grown their ability to help improve your results.

Why Salespeople Get A Bad Reputation

Have you ever had an uneducated salesman try to convince you of something? Their single purpose is to try and convince you what they are selling might work; maybe. And they need you to see things from their narrow perspective or it makes no sense at all. And push you to commit to an order right now.

They are trying to win you over, because their only mission is to steal the contents of your wallet. That is the only reason why someone tries to convince you.

When you recognize the item they are trying to sell you doesn’t benefit you; their attempts to convince you can quickly turn into an argument.

When that happens you immediately know this frustrated salesperson doesn’t have the right solution for your application. Rather than suggest another product or vendor who can resolve your issue; they struggle to convince you to use whatever they are trying to sell.

A perfect example is the stereotypical used car salesman. They only have a limited number of cars for sale, so they try to convince you to buy what they have on hand. Using these exact same tactics poor salesmen develop a terrible reputation through high pressure negotiations; resulting in mistrust of most salespeople.

The Same Happens With Wear Resistant Steel

Most steel vendors only discuss hardness and price. And they try to use high pressure tactics because they cannot differentiate the value that makes their product a better choice than the next guy.

In a weak moment some of them may admit what they are selling is no different than what anyone else is offering. The reason is simple – most of them just buy what is commercially available; just like the next steel service center. When it is all the same, the only thing it comes down to is lowest price.

Because there are No Industry Standards for wear plate, let’s take a look at what is different and why they have to resort to high pressure or unethical efforts to get a sale people since there is zero difference from one to another.

Our Customers Say JADCO Sales People Are Unique

Unlike other steel order takers, at JADCO we listen and pay attention to our customers. Our folks are curious and diligent enough to figure out the technical aspects involved. This is why we ask tough probing questions, to go deep in solving your application challenges.

JADCO sales professionals think about what is going on in our customer’s mind. We think carefully about delivering your desired results to attain your goals. This is how we earn your repeat business and become your Go-To-Partner for wear resistant steel.

JADCO representatives will present the information to you in a factual, straight forward, easy to understand manner; without using 50 cent words. We explain the differences and benefits of one material over another.

Then let you select the product that will perform best for your unique application, based on JADCO delivering real world results in your industry since 1980.

We do not attempt to convince you. It is far more important for you to understand why you are getting the right tool for the job. Then there is no question you are receiving the greatest return for your investment.

Work Hard On Smart Things

By recognizing when we roll up our sleeves and get to the bottom of what is holding you back, this is how we win together. If it was an easy solution you would have solved it years ago. When we eliminate your biggest wear challenges; life becomes a lot easier.

After reviewing several different past scenarios it is evident many customers have been burned so often by empty promises, they have adopted a mindset of Trying Not To Lose. Unfortunately they have given up on Striving To Win.

What is often forgotten after replacing the same material over and over; is the first installation was based on Best Guess and Low Bid. But once installed, it becomes standard operating procedure; rather than continually tweaking to achieve your best possible outcome.

This is why it is critical for you to have a JADCO professional salesperson review your challenging wear issues in person. Where you see all of these obstacles every day, we will have a different perspective. We see opportunities for improvement, where your current vendor always repeats what they did the last time.

Let’s face facts; no one wants to admit they have a problem that is kicking their butt. The truth is everyone needs a helping hand to let them see the possibilities rather than the barriers.

Together we can pick off one challenge at a time and help you gain momentum over your problems. We will uncover insights pointing to the correct direction and determine a plan and the proper path to overcome your complications.

Be Careful Who You Listen To

Be very careful who gives you advice. Have they delivered results on the same issues you have? Or are they continuing to respond with more theories?

The unfortunate fact is many well intentioned sales people often make things worse because they don’t have the experience to understand they are actually dishing out horrible advice.

Winston Churchill said, “It is not the plan that is important; it is the planning.”

Isn’t it time to invest in your planning by inviting a JADCO sales professional to review your current plan?
When we understand what you are doing, what you have tried and how it worked; we can begin helping you make real improvements in your process.

Contact your local JADCO professional by calling us at (724) 452-5252 or email us at: .

We look forward to helping you eliminate your wear related challenges.