Do You Want The Cure Or A Quick Fix?

Often when we walk around a prospect’s business offering solutions for their wear challenges, they're primarily looking for a Band-Aid.
• They're not looking for the cure
• They're looking for a quick fix


Adding one patch over another only treats the symptoms. This covers up the true cause of your wear application struggles.

When your child falls down and skins their knee, your reaction to this trauma is the most important thing. If you panic, they're going to panic. My brother-in-law would always say, “Come here and I’ll pick you up.” The most important thing they're going to want is putting a Band-Aid on that skinned knee.

Why does a Band-Aid give them comfort and take a young child out of panic mode?

With the Band-Aid, they can’t see the injury any longer. This means it should be as good as new and life goes merrily on, right?

We also see this in industry. One of the common questions we get from our customer referrals is, “What's the secret to Company X’s wear plate success?”

The reality is, usually there wasn't one big thing that kicks their butt. Often it is three or four smaller issues that compound each other and cause your headache.

They get together to gang up on your equipment, causing a migraine that demands you drop everything and deal with it NOW.

True, working hard and paying close attention for more than 41 years has given up tremendous experience. To some this may appear we were magically given the secret to longer wear life. To others we may look like an overnight success.

Still, people continue to look for and request a Band-Aid.

You need to think about this on two different levels:

First, JADCO wants to help our customers solve the wear plate problems in their equipment. We strive to make our customer’s lives better. So we're going to offer real wear solutions.

Honestly the real cure can be harder to swallow. It can be more work, and it may take more time. This often requires addressing more issues than you can cover with a simple Band-Aid.

Some Customers Say We Are In The Wear Plate Wisdom Business

You can call it the wear plate business, or the knowledge business. We specialize in the business of reducing your unplanned downtime.

Certainly people are going to continue to want to buy a Band-Aid, since that method has given them comfort since they were a toddler.

But we ethically strive to provide you with actual wear solutions.

Secondly, you need to think about, what areas in your equipment are you currently slapping another Band-Aid in place?


Here are FOUR LAYERS of wear plate laid one on top of the other on a chain deck. One Band-Aid over another may look like you are getting something done, but it has not addressed the real problem.

Where you're not digging deep, you're not going to discover the root cause of the problem. When you only treat the symptoms, your pain will return time after time; unless and until you address the real problem(s).

When you are looking for another Band-Aid to make you feel better, it will always be a temporary fix at best.

Ask yourself, are you bouncing around looking for another Band-Aid; or are you buckling down to look for the actual cause of your trouble?

Working together with JADCO to determine the true cause and planning a strategy that's going to work far longer than you thought possible for your wear application.

Together we can invest quality time researching the real cure for your wear challenges. You don't want spend all your time looking to install wear plate Band-Aids.

For over the last 41 years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our customers.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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