Endurance Is Your Best Indicator Of Value, When Evaluating Wear Resistant Steel

The longer your Abrasion Resistant steel wear plate lasts; the more endurance is experienced.

More importantly, the less expensive it becomes with every month of operation; the greater the value you receive from your investment.

Balancing the difference between initial price and how long your wear resistant steel lasts has always been a bit confusing for consumers.

• Purchasing is often driven to pay the lowest possible price.
• Engineering expects it to last until the next shut down is scheduled for planned repairs.
• Maintenance can accomplish more in other important areas, if they do not have to repair the same challenges as frequently.


The liner on this CAT D10N Dozer blade shows little wear after 11 years of continuous operation, and is still going strong. Will the AR400 or AR500 wear resistant steel liners you have installed last this long?

Endurance Is Tested Continuously
Auto manufacturers invest millions participating in a wide variety of racing series every year. The only reason they do so is to persuade the public their brand of vehicles are superior. And naturally you should buy them as a result, and they will last a long time for you as well.

Those Who Prevail Are Celebrated
The longer the race, the more television and publicity is devoted to covering these races. Every driver who wins NASCAR’s biggest races; the Daytona 500, Charlotte’s Coca-Cola 600, and the Talladega GEICO 500 become instant celebrities.

The longest races are the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 24 Hours of LeMans. These around the clock endurance races attract an international following.

The auto companies who win these races will spend as much in advertising over the next year telling you about their win; as they did to prepare for the race.

In racing the old saying is, “Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?”

For people who are not race fans the translation is this:
If you want to improve your bottom line results, it will often be more expensive. If you just want to be a participant, you can get by substantially cheaper.

This is true in racing; in business and life.

When you have focused exclusively on delivering consistent value and longer life for our customers for the last 40 years; you understand why JADCO is able to deliver greater performance in your applications.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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