Engineering Away Your Wear Related Problems

Part of the problem with industrial accounts today, is you have greater production targets with fewer people; in less time and shrinking budgets.

This dictates you can no longer do business as usual. That simply doesn’t add up to success in today’s business environment.

If you have a consumable component such as wear plate to make your products, common sense tells you that you must get longer life from your investment.

It doesn’t matter if it currently lasts one week, two months, or four years. When your budget keeps shrinking, you need to increase component life for your investment.

The way you overcome your obstacle is by partnering with someone who understands your issues, knows your industry and will investigate the cause of the wear; instead of only treating the symptoms.

Only then you can attempt to engineer your problems away.

When you can get the root of the problem, often the solution you are looking for becomes easier to see. Isn’t it time to diagnose the CAUSE and effectively control the issue?

Graymont in Eden WI, is a perfect example. They produce hydrated lime for use in steel mills, foundries and masonry applications. They produce chemical (Quick Lime) and hydrated lime for use in steel mills, foundries, soil stabilization, de-icing products, apple storage, tanning industry, masonry and many more applications.

Chemical lime is the fourth most used chemical in the world. Year after year, Graymont operates in a sold out condition to serve their customer base. The plant production availability is critical every day.

When I started working with them in 1993, their goal was to have kiln #1 operate 24/7 for 12 months. The initial goal for rotary kiln #2 built in 1998 was to operate 30 days straight without an equipment break down. Working diligently and focusing on streamlining one challenge at a time, they are now the standard by which other lime plants are measured.

In 2018 they scheduled a maintenance shutdown after continuously running for 32 months between scheduled shutdowns. This means a 24/7 operation with a 99.7% uptime despite uncontrolled challenges such as lightning strikes, tornados and power outages. When they started up the plant in 2015, they had set a goal of 24 months, operating 24/7 and an availability of 98.5%.

In October 2019, the scheduled maintenance shutdown for kiln # 2, which ran 29 months straight with an availability of 99.35%. Both of the shutdowns were scheduled on their time, not because they broke down.

Break downs have been virtually eliminated.

They have succeeded by engineering their problems away. This has been accomplished by carefully evaluating their issues and focusing on the true causes of their problems, rather than only treating the symptoms.

Along with carefully monitoring results for everything that is tested to verify improvements in their process.

The plant manager said, “When you put the right wear resistant material in, you can continue to run for years. Then we can concentrate on improving the next bottle neck. Resolve them one at a time and your annual results compound.”

If you want to get this level of confidence in your equipment, allow us to help you by calling (724) 452-5252, or email today. We will schedule a meeting at a day and time that best fits your schedule with one of our local wear plate specialists.

When we review what you are doing, materials you have tried and how it worked previously; we can help you achieve real improvement results in your processes.

Together we can assist to get you far better results, and help you manage your most frustrating wear related challenges. The only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your headaches.