Fix Your Wear Plate Issues with E.S.P.

Most People Suffer From Wear Plate Confusion

Many people who work with wear resistant steel in their equipment, are still uncertain how to evaluate which wear plate is the best choice compared to every other option.

The real issue is, most people Don’t Know, What They Don’t Know.

How can you tell which factors to compare when making their material decision?

When your equipment fails, your anxiety goes into overdrive.

As soon as it gets patched back together and is running again, you start to worry about when a future breakdown will occur.

Stress raises its ugly head when people who have not yet learned how to evaluate which wear resistant steel is best for their challenging worst application, need to make a selection.

The good news is where you currently have a wear issue, you have the opportunity to conquer it at last.

At JADCO we understand you must have your questions answered before you make a buying decision.

Walmart TV ads over the years have trained many people to always look for the lowest price, thinking that is the correct method.

With over 40 years of experience, JADCO knows there are many important details to consider along with the initial price.

To help you understand which items to evaluate, we give you the critical information you need, to select the longest lasting wear steel, for the lowest price AND greatest value for your equipment.

We make certain your choice will meet your unique needs.

During the buying process you ask questions to narrow down your potential choices, when looking to improve the performance of your equipment. This process to get the correct answers is critical to make certain you investment delivers the greatest return for your money.

Pushy salespeople hate when you don’t immediately buy their suggested product. They act like they are offended when you bring up any objections to their one-size-fits-all (some, none?) material.

They never learned your objections are simply specific questions they have never answered. Worse yet, they completely ignore or never address your specific concerns to your satisfaction. They continue to push you to buy their only choice, which you fear will not work to your satisfaction once again.

This is why JADCO sales professionals will ask more questions and discuss your specific challenges in detail about your issue.

We go through a Point by Point Application Analysis

This makes certain you understand the available information. This allows you to select the best material option for your most challenging wear applications.

Nearly everyone doing online research for wear resistant steel is concerned with three things:

1. Make certain to look at all the available options.
2. Deciding which product will best meet your needs.
3. Confirm you make the right choice for your unique wear application. Everyone agrees the worst thing to happen with any installation, is hearing they made the wrong material selection.

Choosing which wear resistant steel is capable of delivering longer wear life, too often turns out to be a D.U.A.L. decision: Disappointing. Undependable. Aggravating. Lame.

Selecting the best performing wear resistant solution to combat your most challenging wear applications with JADCO is E.S.P: Easy. Simple. Painless.

Does Your Current Vendor Demand You Settle For Only One CCO Plate Option?


This customer was looking to extend their production time before having to change their feed chute target plates. When a competitor’s foreign made Chrome Carbide Overlay failed, the customer evaluated and selected JADCO Chromeweld Nb PLUS wear plates to avoid another catastrophic failure. To date it has delivered over 50% longer life, and is still going strong.

What wear issues do you have where we can improve your results?

Review our Chromeweld family of Chrome Carbide Overlay products.

One size seldom fits all challenges, so we feature six different versions of plate to conquer your most perplexing abrasion wear challenges:

Chromeweld 600 – our industry standard Chrome Carbide Overlay will succeed in over 80% of your abrasion resistant applications.

When your application requires even more wear resistance, we already have you covered with:

Chromeweld Nb Plus – Chrome and Niobium Carbides to combat fine particle abrasion at high velocities. Great for paper mill woodyard flat back elbows.

Chromeweld Ti – Adding Titanium Carbides along with Chrome Carbides allows Chromeweld Ti to withstand significant impact.


Dropping 24” diameter rocks 6’ onto your crusher feeder deck is not an issue with Chromeweld Ti.

Chromeweld W – Tungsten and Chrome carbides are ready for your most aggressive wear challenges.

Chromeweld Complex – Combines Chrome, Niobium and Vanadium carbides for ultra-demanding applications with high heat or corrosion.

Chromeweld Glide – is a polished non-stick surface to minimize material sticking onto your standard CCO plates.

Chromeweld Flow – CCO applied in the pipe ID to control the super abrasive wear inside your pipes. Dramatically increases the wear resistance in your current piping.

Remember, E.S.P makes selecting your best wear solution with JADCO is: Easy. Simple. Painless.

Our entire Chromeweld family of CCO products is made at our headquarters in Harmony, PA, 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh.

As the leading manufacturer of CCO plate in the USA, you can depend on what you get from JADCO. Many steel distributors buy foreign CCO at the lowest price with little carbide content and even less quality control. As the saying goes, you do get what you pay for.


JADCO has created our own clad machines make certain we have precise control over every aspect in creating our Chromeweld overlay plate.

For the last 40+ years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

Now you understand why JADCO delivers better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on your results.

Allow us to help you today by calling (724) 452-5252, or email

We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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