Giving Your Asphalt Plant the "Boot"

Transfer points are key areas within processing facilities, including Asphalt Plants, that endure high impact and abrasion challenges. In Asphalt Plants, the material comes out of the dryer at high temperatures, ready to move onto the drag slat conveyors or elevators. To help, consider giving your plant the "boot," boot plate that is. Boot plates, made from chromium carbide overlay plate, are strong additions to the operating process.

With the proper chromium carbide overlay plate for your boot plates, (see 4 Tips for Purchasing Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate), you'll see an decrease in downtime and labor costs for your change-outs. Boot plates made from CCO can take the high temperatures from the dryer, while performing longer against the abrasive materials to keep your operation running longer. As a result, you'll see higher profits for your company.

Take a look at a boot plate, made from chromium carbide overlay plate, in action below.

CHROMEWELD 600 Boot Plate at Asphalt Plant

Great video showcasing material in action moving over our CHROMEWELD 600 used for a Boot Plate.