Has Your New Equipment Already Failed You?

One of our aggregate customers purchased a new screen plant so they were ready for the start of this season. They were aggressively planning to ramp up productivity. Just 4 weeks into the new crushing season, the OEM wear plates on the new equipment have already worn through. To say he was upset would be a major understatement. He ordered JADCO QT PLUS ® replacement pieces to last several more seasons.

When looking for a new piece of equipment, you evaluate the benefits of each manufacturer’s offerings and work on getting the best financial terms. And you now discover your new purchase has already forced you to make repairs on your new profit center. While it will not make you feel better, unfortunately you are not alone.


Can You Determine Which Wear Plate They Use?

Unless you are able to request a specific brand of wear plate to use in this equipment, many OEMs will use the lowest cost steel available. Often it is nothing more than mild steel in a wear application. But they will be happy to sell you more replacement plates.

You on the other hand, are planning to use this equipment for several seasons to come. Don’t be afraid to ask what wear plate they will be installing in your equipment. Remember this is your investment. It is up to you to determine if you will have either or good or bad performance at the start. Investing in the right wear material up front will deliver greater profits far into the future.

Your Race Against Time Is Critical

If we don’t assist in solving your wear related equipment issues, these same problems are going to eat your profits; and erode your bottom line results.

To improve your results takes a cooperative effort with a vendor that understands your industry, what you do and how to approach the correct solution. This doesn’t mean just any vendor can show up and make a positive difference.

You should demand only your best wear plate partner to help identify what is causing your wear issues. Only then can we determine the proper wear plate to overcome the challenges you are facing. You simply don’t get there any other way. There are short cuts in life, but ignoring this one will bite you in the long run.

Someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart is at best counter-productive; and at worst they are stealing your resources. The very last thing you need now is another equipment failure before the season ends.

Remember: Uninformed People Buy Wear Plate, While Educated Customers Invest In The Correct Products To Control Their Wear Issues. And they do so as rapidly as possible.

Here Is A Quick Overview Of JADCO Wear Plates

By evaluating your symptoms, you can determine which types of wear are causing your problems:

A Combination of Impact and Abrasion – This is often your first step for increasing equipment life. JADCO QT PLUS ® is our proprietary through hardened wear plate. QT PLUS ® has the ability to take significant impact and yet is very good on sliding abrasion.

If your application requires greater Abrasion Resistance with Impact, step up to Chromeweld Ti ®. By adding Titanium Carbides to Chromium Carbide, this plate still takes impact with significantly improved abrasion resistance over QT PLUS ®. (Leah – make certain we always insert a space between the word and the® symbol. Otherwise the Google bots read it as PlusR, which hurts our search results.)

For Sliding Abrasion with Moderate ImpactChromeweld 600 ® is a solid choice. Our Chromium Carbide Overlay wear plate has the best bead to bead weld joints in the industry. This will take moderate impact.

When you battle Severe Fine Particle Abrasion such as sand or sawdust, JADCO developed Chromeweld NB PLUS ®. Our customers were looking for an answer for their high velocity, fine particle abrasion applications. The result is JADCO uses smaller, dense Niobium Carbides to lock into the matrix between the larger Chromium Carbides. This gives a superior abrasion resistant product.

For Severe Wear Applications including heat or other factors, use JADCO’s Complex Carbide plate. This combines several types of carbides including Vanadium and Tungsten to combat the most extreme wear applications.
For a brief video of the differences in the JADCO Chromeweld family of overlay plates, CLICK HERE.

Regardless which type of wear is creating your headache; JADCO Manufacturing has the expertise and products to help you get it under control. Contact your local JADCO professional by calling us at (724) 452-5252 or email us at:

We look forward to helping you eliminate your wear related challenges.