Have You Upgraded Your Wear Plate To Match Your Increased Production Loads?

Everyone is searching for ‘More, Better, Faster’ production. Yet upgrading your production wear plate is usually an after-thought.


This disc screen handles the bark in a Wisconsin paper mill that has increased production from 2,500 tons per day to 3,300 tons per day. The increased wear on their wood process disc screen shows how abrasive bark and wood are to wear resistant steel.

The photo above shows the effects on the same equipment from the bark running over it.


Here you can see the after effects of bark wearing on the disc screen components.

Let’s look closely at what we see in this wear application:

  • The shredded bark falling 18” has virtually no impact wear. It is all abrasive wear.

  • The target area where the bark hits, has worn through the original plate. It was repaired by adding 2 additional patches welded over the hole. Each patch plate wore through again in a short period of time.

  • They were using AR400 steel, which is only hard on the top and bottom surfaces, is much like an Oreo Cookie. Click here to see the explanation on why wear plate acts like an Oreo cookie. The short answer is the vast majority of AR400 & AR500 steel is only hard on the top and bottom surface. Once you wear through this thin surface area, the center wears like mild steel. Once the center is exposed to the bark flow, the steel rapidly wears away from the inside out.

  • Using the same material for the patch delivers the same limited wear life. Your repair results were just another Band-Aid patch which didn’t improve your equipment life cycle. Continuing to treat your symptoms the same, will never fix your abrasive wear problems.

  • Look closely at the thickness, diameter and scalloped pattern of the discs on the far left in the photo.

    • Every disc in the roll started out at the same thickness, diameter and scalloped profile.

    • You can see the center discs have the height and thickness dramatically reduced. The profile is gone and the discs are razor thin, so you could use the worn disc to shave.

    • The equipment is no longer screening to the exacting specifications required for the making paper process. This is a perfect example where worn wear plate creates out of specification issues that only compound issues throughout the rest of their process.

Improved Performance Requires A Different Wear Material

Through hardened wear resistant steel is designed to combat impact and abrasion. The bark that is destroying this equipment on a daily basis has a significant amount of sand imbedded in the bark from the logs being skidded out of the forest. The sand is highly abrasive to any steel it contacts.

The best material to control high abrasion wear, is JADCO’s Chromeweld family of overlay steel products.

Chrome Carbide Overlay wear plate is designed for fine abrasion wear.

All JADCO Chromeweld products are manufactured at our own facility outside Pittsburgh, PA. Our Chromeweld 600 is JADCO’s Chrome Carbide overlay.


This microscopic image shows how Chromium and Carbon combine to form hex-shaped primary carbides that are extremely hard and wear resistant. They are shaped like a tooth picks with a hardness of Rc60. It has greater abrasion resistance than any AR wear plate.

Chromeweld 600 has over 3 times the abrasion resistance of most AR400, AR500 or AR600 steels.

Using mild steel as a base plate, we weld hardsurfacing beads in a carefully controlled process. This provides a highly abrasion resistant surface.


Chute side liners inspected and ready to ship.

It is important to note the differences between JADCO Carbide plates and CCO from other vendors.


The customer rejected these wear plates from a competitor, because the plates were not flat. This causes their chains to bind up causing breakdowns and failures.

Did you notice the clad plate problems in the above photo?

  1. The plates do not lay flat.

  2. Notice the difference in bead thickness and height. This causes premature chain wear in some areas, allowing asphalt to build up in other areas.

Here is a photo of the JADCO plates, which replaced the previous rejected plates. These are for the same equipment, same customer.


Notice the differences in the JADCO Chromeweld 600 carbide plate compared to the previous photo:

  1. Consistent bead width and height on all Chromeweld overlay products.

  2. The plates are flat with uniform thickness.

  3. Standard Chromeweld plate sizes are 90” x 120”.


Unlike our competitors clad plate, JADCO’s tight weld bead tie in areas do not wash out due to cracks from poor weld quality, causing premature failure.

Who Makes Other Vendor’s Carbide Plate?

Many suppliers can offer a Chrome Carbide overlay plate. It is important to ask them who makes their plate and where is it made.

As one of the largest producers of CCO, or Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate in North America; you can confidently select the correct JADCO wear resistant steel to deliver maximum results for your investment.

Selecting the right carbide plate to use can be difficult at times, due to the variety of information available. Selecting the wrong one for your unique challenge can be costly, and actually lead to premature failure and breakdown.

Do You Continue To Struggle With Your Abrasion Challenges?

Strategic thinking and planning to utilize the correct materials in your applications will win your battle over equipment wear; and eliminate unplanned breakdowns.

Isn’t it time to conserve your limited budget by inviting a JADCO sales professional to review your current plan before it is too late?

When we review your process, what you have tried and how it worked previously; we can help you achieve real improvement results in your process.

Contact your local JADCO professional by calling us at (724) 452-5252 or advise your best email address to:

Improving your wear resistant steel applications when you upgrade production equipment will prevent future wear problems.

We look forward to helping you eliminate your wear related challenges, so you can finally take control of your wear headaches.