How Durable Is Chromeweld W, Tungsten Carbide Overlay Plate?

When your toughest wear application is so challenging it destroys even the best chrome carbide overlay in 2 years; what do you select to improve?

The customer was pleased when Chromeweld 600 CCO delivered 2 years of wear life, and set a new wear resistant performance standard.

After several cycles, when this became their new normal wear life, they wanted an even longer lasting solution.


While this CCO plate held up in most areas, the main loading & impact zone (outlined in soapstone) took 2 years to wear to this point. Due to the difficult location, the customer was looking to maximize production time before having to replace it again.

In a steel mill, the Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) system delivers DRI to the ladle.

DRI starts out as taconite and is processed to be added to the ladle to reduce the grade of scrap being used. It also greatly reduces the amount of energy needed to charge the ladle because it burns so hot.

Not only is the impact and abrasive wear from DRI very aggressive, the location is difficult to access.

To replace the chute liners, the entire system must be shut down and requires a crane and a 200 foot high man lift for access to replace the liners. This means these wear components can only be changed during a major facility shut down.

The steel mill had very specific areas that were getting the majority of the wear. They tried a variety of wear solutions to get a handle on their challenges.

To combat the most severe wear issues, JADCO created Chromeweld W, our tungsten carbide overlay plate.

‘W’ is the atomic symbol for the element Tungsten.

We manufactured ½ on ½ Chromeweld W that we formed for them to test in their worst case location, along with a full sheet to use as patch plates for specific problem locations.

The Chromeweld W plates tested in the DRI chutes to deliver the fastest feedback. They were inspected after one year in use. Other than merely ‘shining up’ the steel, there was no visible wear on the Chromeweld W liners.

Most companies who make tungsten carbide plate, simply drop the carbide particles on the top surface of the weld deposit and call it good. Once wear begins around the carbides, you immediately lose the tungsten particles. This means your investment is not delivering on your wear resistance investment.

The customer found JADCO’s Chromeweld W, was the only product to successfully disperse the Tungsten Carbides evenly from the top surface, throughout the entire thickness of the overlay deposit. This process delivers uniform wear resistance through-out the life of the plate.


If your Chrome Carbide Overlay plate (CCO) is suffering repeated failures, JADCO's Chromeweld W can help control your most challenging wear headaches.

Our entire Chromeweld family of CCO products is made at our headquarters in Harmony, PA, 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh.

As the leading manufacturer of CCO plate in the USA, you can depend on what you get from JADCO. Many steel distributors buy foreign CCO with little carbide content and far less quality control.


To make certain we control every aspect our Chromeweld overlay plate, JADCO has created our own clad machines.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.
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