How to prepare for an environmental disaster

At JADCO, safety is always at the center of our attention.

We’re not only concerned with safety in the process of making CHROMEWELD 600, HARDGUARD, or QT-PLUS, but also when it comes to the event of an environmental disaster preparedness — both on-site, and for our team members when they’re not at work.

Environmental disasters can strike at any time, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared when it comes time to respond. It’s important to be ready at home in the case of a disaster; you will need enough food, water, and supplies to last each family member at least 3 days — on hand, and in a “grab and go” container.

At least one gallon of clean, commercially bottled water is recommended for each family member per day, and it’s important to select food that does not require refrigeration or extensive preparation. Canned food with a high water content is preferable.

In addition to a three day supply of food and water, we recommend having:

A manual can opener
Sanitation and hygiene items
Items for children/babies, i.e. diapers (optional)
Battery powered radio or TV
Flashligh with extra batteries
Fist aid kit plus prescription meds & eyeglasses
Matches and waterproof container
Photocopies of credit and ID cards
Emergency cash
Extra clothing and sleeping bags/blankets for each person
When an emergency strikes, JADCO families will be prepared — will yours?