How to Promote Winter Weather Preparedness in Your Organization

As the holiday season draws near and the cold weather is a given, it’s interesting to see how people react to winter’s arrival.

Some are elated — but others are sad and withdrawn.

Winter also brings with it a great deal of danger. Roads are more hazardous and the days grow increasingly short, not leaving much time for daylight travel. It couldn’t be more important to promote winter weather preparedness in your organization this winter.

We’ve been manufacturing steel products for quite a while, and we have collected a small library of safety and wellness resources for our employees. Here are some links to great resources that you can share with your employees at your next safety meeting to keep them safe and healthy this winter.

[Free Download] EXTREME COLD: A prevention guide to promote your personal health and safety.

Just as our QT-PLUS Grizzly Bars protect our customer’s grates and equipment, this guide, courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides valuable information to protect you, your families, and your employees in the winter months. It’s important to prepare for the cold weather by planning ahead being aware. This guide does is a great tool for outlining the steps to bulletproofing your employees’ winter preparedness.

[Free Download] Get Set for Winter Illness Season

When members of your team get sick, it can jeopardize the wellbeing of your whole team and your productivity to boot. Plus, nobody likes being under the weather. This is an in-depth informational guide by the FDA about how to navigate through the winter illness season!

Educate your team

It’s your turn to educate your team and promote safety and wellness this winter. By incorporating these guides into your next company newsletter or safety meeting, you can greatly improve your team’s wellness and efficiency.

Have at it!