How to Reduce Weight in Truck Beds


With any operation the need to become more efficient always presents itself. With a mine or quarry site, efficiency comes with a handful of questions: How do we haul faster? How do we haul more? How can we do all this and keep costs down?

For a mine or quarry, one way to accomplish these questions is to reduce the weight in your truck beds.

Lining a truck bed, or other mobile equipment, with liners is a great way to extend the life of your mobile equipment. It will provide an extra layer of durability to the equipment, but you can also add extra weight. In turn, the extra weight stops the equipment from hauling more material.

Weighed Down with Traditional Options

Traditionally, this has meant lining the truck bed with an AR400 or AR500 plate. Unfortunately, using AR400 or AR500 plates can be counterproductive in this case. The benefit of AR400 can at times be surpassed by a higher BHN (Brinell Hardness Number) like you can find in AR500. However, the higher BHN can in turn prove difficult to work with for forming needs.

There are options such as custom waffle plates or keeping your vertical wall liners at a minimum thickness. However, these won’t fix the true problem.

When considering a liner for your mobile equipment, look for a premium quality through-hardened wear steel.

Quality wear solutions provide the perfect compromise, matching enhanced protection without having to load down the truck bed with unnecessary weight.

Quality Through-Hardened Wear Steel

Easily the most important solution is to line your impact zone with a quality through-hardened wear steel. A through-hardened plate with provide you with a consistent BHN at the surface or center of the plate. By having this through-hardness you can option for a thinner gauge then an AR plate would require. The consistent BHN will help to absorb the impact of the material, long after it’s been in operation.

Even with a thinner plate, a premium quality through-hardened wear steel will have a better life expectancy, up to 3-5 times the wear life of commodity AR wear steel.

The slight adjustment in thickness, with a quality through-hardened plate, could save you hundreds of pounds in overall weight. Pounds that can make room for additional material to be hauled. With the additional material being hauled, your production increases in less loads. Not to mention, your mobile equipment is now lined with a quality through-hardened steel that has a longer life expectancy, meaning less change-outs and down time.

Also, a quality through-hardened wear steel can have the formability and is much more user-friendly then the traditional AR500 plate, with still meeting or beating it in BHN. Allowing you to easily outfit your truck beds and other mobile equipment.

Whether it’s from impact or abrasion, keeping truck beds in optimum condition to operate can be a difficult challenge.

JADCO QT-PLUS is a premium quality through-hardened wear solution that out performs in impact challenges.

The strength and durability of this product mean your truck beds will be protected even in the most difficult working conditions and last longer. Better protection leads to less damage, which means less downtime and need for repairs.

Don’t let impact challenges get the best of your equipment, and don’t be weighed down by conventional AR options. Instead, see how a quality wear solution can improve efficiency and long term performance.