How to Shop for the Best Chromium Carbide Plate


The task of searching for and purchasing the right chromium carbide plate can be challenging. Diagnosing your unique situation, defining your priorities, and evaluating alternative options on the market can easily become overwhelming. With chromium carbide plates becoming more popular than ever before, there is a seemingly endless number of products to be considered.

How can you know which plate will perform to the level your company needs it to? The value these three qualities of carbide plates provide can help managers in the process of selecting the best plate for their problem. Here are some things to consider that can help you shop for the best chromium carbide plate:

High Hardness

High hardness chromium carbide plates offer unmatched abrasion resistance and toughness. These durable plates are strong enough to withstand the most abrasive working conditions and are the best solution to high wear applications. Whether your situation entails sliding abrasion or abrasion from low to moderate impact, a high hardness chromium carbide plate provides a premium solution. If these conditions meet your needs, 600 brinnell steel offers incredible hardness and resistance to abrasion. Need higher? Some grades of chromium carbide plate offer 700 plus bhn.

High Flatness Standards

Flatness between weld beads is an important consideration when buying a chromium carbide overlay plate. The flatness tolerance is a critical specification in the ability of a chromium carbide plate to maintain tight tolerances in certain applications while also enabling a long service life. When selecting the ideal plate consider the degree to which the flatness has been tested. It might be worth spending a little more in the short-term to avoid costly secondary flattening down the road.

Larger Plate

What is the primary reason the material you are currently using is not meeting the job’s requirements? One possible way to better protect the structural integrity of more of your equipment is to consider using a larger plate. Larger plates offer better nesting, plate utilization and less installation time. Additional benefits occur indirectly like minimizing downtime and reducing maintenance. This will provide long term by lowering costs and increasing productivity. A standard plate which comes in a wide variety of sizes, may be provide an adequate solution to your problem, but for the best chromium carbide plate available, look for a plate (like CHROMEWELD 600), which are offered in larger sizes like 90 x 120.

By concentrating on these three simple areas of focus you can be confident in discovering the right plate for your situation. The last step is to find a supplier who provides the right combination of expert knowledge and exemplary customer service to help get you back to full speed.

The right supplier can make all the difference in helping you invest in the best chromium carbide plate.

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